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Payday 2 is good co-op fun

I picked up Payday 2 on the insistence of some friends, and it’s been a very worthwhile purchase. It’s a great co-op sneak-or-shoot style game with an interesting leveling system and nice randomization on the maps. For the leveling system, … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl: First come first server

The Blood Bowl league is up, but needs one more coach. First to sign up is in! League: HC/Inquistion League, Season 3 Password: inq

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Someone should say something about WAR

As you might have heard, Warhammer Online is shutting down. TAGN has a post that links to many others; use that if you still need a background or more opinions. There is a lot that can be (and has been) … Continue reading

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BloodBowl reminder

See previous post for details, but we still need at least one team to put our league together. Anyone?

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Rift closing in China, Death accountability.

Things are not looking so hot over in Rift-land, including the upcoming closing of Rift China. The mighty MMO 3.0 seems to be falling, and falling fast. I can’t do a real comprehensive “why” analysis because I’ve not played the … Continue reading

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Is it Bloodbowl time again?

Thanks to a Steam sale a few weeks ago, I picked up Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition, and have been slowly getting myself back into the game. I few people have asked me about running another league, so here is the … Continue reading

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F2P sub options, and NFS: Hot Persuit

Sorry for the lack of blogging around here in the last week or so, RL kicking my ass a bit. Quick observation; if F2P is so great, why do they often provide a subscription-like option? And, why is it that … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Dungeons, not instances

Dungeons in Ultima Online were much different than instances in WoW. In UO, you went into a dungeon to farm for however long you wanted (or until PvP showed up), while in WoW an instance is ‘run’ from point A … Continue reading

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