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Today’s reason to hate the French

Well this is rather sad news. While I don’t personally care much for the Halo franchise, Marathon and especially Myth were two franchises that were head and shoulders above the rest of gaming in their respective genres (FPS and RTS), … Continue reading

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Perma-death to all Darkfriends!

Since 1997 and Ultima Online the concept of perma-death in an MMO has always interested me. I think a large part of it has to do with a core appeal of MMOs themselves; the fact that everything ‘counts’ and you … Continue reading

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The dreams of an IP, and the inevitable reality

Over vacation I read a good chunk of Vampire Wars, a collection of books set in the Warhammer universe all about the von Carstein vampire counts. Considering I’ve been reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series almost exclusively for the … Continue reading

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SC2, heat, the heat, and nuts

First a quick note for any former DarkFall players, today Aventurine started their welcome back program, giving inactive accounts 14 free days to come back and see what has changed. All the details can be found here. If you have … Continue reading

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The future of DarkFall.

During my week of vacation Aventurine was busy on the forums making posts about upcoming changes to DarkFall, along with a new initiative to drive more developer-player interaction as related to the design of the game. They also gave more … Continue reading

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Vacation, good. Computers, bad.

On the plus side, vacation was phenomenal. Hard to beat an all-inclusive resort right on the beach in Mexico, and the break was much needed. The downside is that someone must have broken into our home while we were away, … Continue reading

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Off to Mexico for a week, so don’t expect many (any?) blog updates until I return. Have a good week blog world!

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PLEX vs Cash Shops, plus the e-peen pony

To finish off a week of EVE-related posting, let’s talk about PLEX vs Cash Shops and how I believe they are two extremely different pieces of an MMO. As a side bonus this should also cover the e-peen pony that … Continue reading

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Sometimes others just say it better

This. edit: Fixed for grammar. IBB (In before Bonedead)

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Give me a reason to return

Continuing the recent string of WAR-related musings, I’d like to talk about developer focus today. As I see it, there are basically three groups of players for any MMO at all times: those who never played your game, those who … Continue reading

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