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Rift on Sale, one day only

At Direct2Drive, $30. In totally unrelated news, Inquisition is still looking for a few more to fill out the roster. Sunrest RP-PvP server, Guardians.

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High Noon for the iPhone, another F2P ‘gem’

Just a quick note today about High Noon for the iPhone, an amusing-enough game that also has a pretty hilariously bad cash shop (you can buy power). What’s really amusing about the whole thing is that while you can buy … Continue reading

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Can you spot the fail?

The picture. My guess? Jedi get cut from SW:sRPG right before launch, with promises to add them ‘soon’, and then Darth Vader gets removed 6 months in because he was causing too much lag. Lightsabers get reworked every month, each … Continue reading

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SOE: Because someone has to make Blizzard look good

I’m not one to kick someone when they are down… but this is pretty hilarious. Let me rephrase what SOE was trying to say: Dear not-really-valued money-source, Due to our technical incompetence, we kinda gave the internet your personal info, … Continue reading

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Pre-release beta expansions of a re-launch… wait what?

You can have an expansion to a game in beta? Wtf does that even mean? Should GW2 devs start hyping the expansion they have planned to launch when they go into closed beta? Zomg did anyone check out the awesome … Continue reading

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Rift: 1.2 Update and World Events

The upcoming 1.2 update to Rift is pretty substantial, and considering what 1.1 brought just a month ago, Trion is keeping to a brisk pace for updates. Part of me wants to cheer, the other part sits here, nods, and … Continue reading

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The Ancient Gaming Noob is a crybaby


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The real reason for the tank shortage

Let me start off by saying I enjoy playing the tank more than any other role in a themepark. I enjoy the challenge, I find the gameplay more entertaining, and well, I’m not a droolcup so playing DPS would be … Continue reading

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Expansion vs Replacement content

Prompted by the reminder that I massively ragequit Darkfall (account status: active), and reading this post on the Aventurine blog, reminded me of yet another reason why sandbox > themepark: over time a sandbox should get more/better content, while over … Continue reading

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Rift: All aboard the fail train

Back to back ‘make it to the last boss, fail at 1am’ tier two runs, yay… Yes, I’m mad. Bro. On the bright side I did pick up one of the better shields in the game for 60p last night, … Continue reading

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