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Darkfall Promotion; Testing the importance of character progression

Darkfall Promotion Info The forums are excited about this, and they should be. Short-term this will certainly work for DF, and the high player interest will result in more PvP, which will further fuel interest/action. Long-term this is of course … Continue reading

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Day-one mastery

Keen has a nice post about why he is finding current-day MMOs lacking, especially in immersion. I think what Keen writes is something many (most?) MMO players feel, whether they actually know it or not. A major issue with MMOs … Continue reading

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Today is “post that GW2 has a release date” day

GW2 missing races = WAR capital cities? Probobly not. Right? (I’m glad GW2 is coming sooner than later, if only to save the wife from murdering someone due to LoL-rage)

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Last post today, I swear

To help balance the F2P doom-and-gloom, this interview about Arma2/DayZ, how it’s sandbox nature works, and how EVE players (mostly Russians) played their part, should make you feel better. Just a great read overall.

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A box-only game is successful if people buy the box. How they feel about what’s inside the box after the sale is only important if you intend to start or maintain a franchise. If this is a one-off game, whether … Continue reading

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I don’t think you know what the bear means

Short post day: sorry/you’re welcome? MiltDavies is my new favorite commentator at Massively. Pure gold every time the guy types. If he had a blog I’d read it daily. Also how has TESO not been cancelled yet? Fans bashing you … Continue reading

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Yes yes, but how much for The One Ring already?

When did Turbine change its motto to “Bend over loyal players and take it”? First $70 for a LoTRO expansion, and now $50 for DDO’s? Oh and be sure to pick up the half-orc race for just $20. So much … Continue reading

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