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‘Dumb it Down’ is dead

This post is sparked by Loire’s post about the Overwatch beta, specifically this line: The “simplified genre” idea is successful because it opens up games to a much wider audience, including the still-massive World of Warcraft audience. Certainly back in … Continue reading

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LoL: Does Riot even need/want TV time for the LCS?

Back in Dec of last year, I wrote about watching the championship for LoL. Well it’s that time of year and here I am, once again watching almost every match and loving it. It’s funny to think that LoL and … Continue reading

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Kickstarter: Backing Stash

I remember hearing about Frogdice’s Stash a while ago, but at that time it was very early in production and didn’t have much to show. Back then it was yet another MMO that sounded good on paper, and if I … Continue reading

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Early Access: To support but not to play

I’ve now played a good number of Early Access titles, and while overall I like the system and how Steam runs it, I do have a personal problem with playing EA games; sometimes by the time the game is fully … Continue reading

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Age of Decadence review

Age of Decadence has finally made it out of Early Access and is fully released. I tried the demo a while back, and was impressed enough to keep the game on my radar, and now with full release, I can … Continue reading

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What’s been keeping me busy gaming wise of late

Slow gaming times for me of late, hence the lack of blogging. I’m still playing a bit of ARK, though restarting on a server is a bit rough, as you are basically retracing previous steps, and with the rapid pace … Continue reading

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New ARK Server, and the BB2 campaign

Two items for today. I’m playing on a new, unofficial ARK server. Search the unofficial listing for “Narco Heads” to find it. Unlike most unofficial servers this one doesn’t have silly 8x or 10x rules, just 2x from the official … Continue reading

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Feed the troll some poison already

I’m not a Star Citizen backer, personally don’t believe the game is going to ‘live up to the hype’ (mostly because at its current hype level, that would basically be impossible), and have in the past taken small shots at … Continue reading

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