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DF:UW – Being right isn’t always fun

One of the better inside jokes around here is the concept of a ‘Jesus patch’, because all too often the fools tossing that term around are talking about an MMO that has either shut down or is a shell of … Continue reading

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Need one player for Fantasy Football

As the title states, the Fantasy Football (American, not flopper soccer) league I run needs one more coach. First person to email me will get sent an invite. Everyone else will forever regret not emailing sooner.

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Knowing what day it is is highly overrated

First I can confirm that lack of sleep over prolonged periods of time most certainly causes your IQ to drop a few points. Dumb zombie mode is, thankfully, coming to an end ‘soon’. That said a little lack of sleep … Continue reading

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FFXIV: Removing the alt hurdle

One thing that annoys me about a lot of MMOs is “add it for the bullet” features. Basically stuff like crafting, PvP, ‘exploration’, etc tacked on when they don’t fit just so the back of the box (or in modern … Continue reading

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Candyman, candyman, candyman

Trollbold is back it seems, and in classic style. Let me just cut that post down completely with one question before moving into the details: What day-one F2P MMO has been more successful than recently launched sub MMOs? Because if … Continue reading

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CoC: All we do is win win win no matter what

Just a friendly reminder that if you aren’t playing Clash of Clans with us, you’re missing out big-time. Great group of blog readers just helping each other out in a great game and having a great time all around. Great. … Continue reading

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Snap judgement: ArcheAge

New feature here at the blog (this very well might be the only time its used because that’s generally how well planning goes around here): Snap judgements will basically be a quick review of a title based on spending 30 … Continue reading

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Gamasutra getting its EG on

This article about LoL is a wonderful piece, if you define ‘wonderful’ as containing at least one factual error per sentence whenever possible. Honestly if this was published on April 1st everyone would call it a terribly lame attempt; that’s … Continue reading

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2 million bot visits

According to the blog traffic tracker, which I’m sure is 100% accurate, this blog has recently surpassed 2 million views. That’s… something? On the one hand if someone had told me when I first started this whole thing that I’d … Continue reading

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Cash shop item creation clarification

This somewhat jumped out at me about Pathfinder planning to sell in-game items, and how some argued that because said items are tradable in-game, the system is basically the same as PLEX. Spoiler alert: it’s not. Not even close. The … Continue reading

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