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Spoiler Alert

Since I’ve gotten a bunch of emails about the previous post, might as well let everyone else in on our little game. Yes, the exact wording of the title was intentional. Yes, I am aware of the page rank and … Continue reading

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Darkfall: Unholy Wars going F2P and other problems sink it

Darkfall and I have had an interesting history (the fact that I heard about the first game from Tobold entertains me to this day), and unfortunately I think this post marks the final chapter. The game is going in multiple … Continue reading

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Shameless Steam Card begging round 2

If we are not friends on Steam we should be: Syncaine If you have Steam cards you don’t want, I’ll happily take them. Think of it as a small token for entertaining and educating the unwashed masses all these years. … Continue reading

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Eador’s depth is borderline silly

Aside from playing lots of Clash of Clans, the only other game I’m currently playing a good amount of is Eador: Masters of the Broken World. The more I play, the deeper that rabbit hole gets, and there is nothing … Continue reading

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Honest Trailer: FFVII

Worth watching.

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Big boy toys

It wasn’t THAT long ago when video games were considered a kid’s toy. Now when someone asks me when I’m going to stop playing ‘games’, I tell them hopefully the afterlife has solid broadband. Given the above, it makes sense … Continue reading

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Clash of Clan tips

In addition to these 10 great tips, here are some of my observations from having played a decent amount of Clash of Clans now. 1) Learn the wallbreakers AI as best you can, as they are the key to an … Continue reading

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