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Genre Splitting

I want to combine some topics and thoughts into what will hopefully be a larger point; it’s crazy that today, games like GW2 and EVE are considered part of the same genre. Allow me to explain. Shiolle asked the following: … Continue reading

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Xcom: No looking back

I finished my Classic/Ironman game of Xcom over the weekend, with the final turn of the final battle coming down to making a 90% shot or losing everything. Luckily the 10% did not kick in and I saw the ending, … Continue reading

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Fantastic Xcom review

In case anyone here has not picked this title up, I’d highly recommend reading this review from Gamespy. I think its very fair and hits all the right points. For me Classic Ironman mode really has lead to some highs and … Continue reading

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Save the F2P children

I think I’m slowly transitioning from hating F2P players to feeling sorry for them, somewhat similar to my changing views of WoW and its players. When WoW really mattered and every dev team was trying to clone it, I felt … Continue reading

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Xcom Ironman is like playing Darkfall, minus the NPC aliens

I’m a little late in jumping on the Xcom bandwagon, but its every bit as good as you likely have heard. I went straight into Classic/Ironman, and I’m glad I did. So far (game 11), I’ve not survived longer than … Continue reading

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Tell me if you’ve heard this one before

A year and a half ago SOE scrapped EQNext and totally revamped the game to be the “largest sandbox style MMO ever designed”, yo. John Smedley promises, and puts the fine and well-respected SOE name behind that promise! Of course, … Continue reading

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Rift: Storm Legion – Who put this sand in here?

James, a community manager from Trion recently reached out to me and asked if I’d be interesting in taking Rift’s upcoming expansion Storm Legion for a guided tour. While I’m not currently playing Rift, and my reasons why are well … Continue reading

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