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How do you like dem apples.

Oh, and there’s still no such thing as a miracle patch so don’t expect one here. Just a ton of fixes, additions and adjustments. We have another major patch coming as well before launch. We don’t believe in miracle patches … Continue reading

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Entertaining new podcast.

Just wanted to make a quick post linking the latest No Prisoners, No Mercy podcast. While I was shaking my head at times due to some of the errors or misunderstanding of game mechanics, I could not help but enjoy … Continue reading

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Doom and Gloom for PQs and Scenarios.

In a topic that would only come up on blogs and forums, many people are worried about Public Quests and Scenarios in Warhammer Online when the ‘initial rush’ of players leaves the starting areas. Yes, in a game that has … Continue reading

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Mark from Mythic predicts WAR sales, sorta…

From the Warhammer Alliance forum: I wish a Developer would get on and post their guess Wish granted. More than Everquest (at peak) and less than WoW. Mark So between 550,000 and 11 million. It’s a short statement, but still … Continue reading

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Not WoW burnout, MMO burnout.

Darren has released Shut Up. We’re Talking #32, and the podcast focuses on Warhammer Online and the recent back and forth debate about the game and its place in MMO land. It’s a great show and well worth a listen. … Continue reading

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New Job

First day at a new job for me, working in IT for Brandeis University. Very happy to have the whole ‘involuntary vacation’ period over with. I should be able to keep up with posts here, either after work or during … Continue reading

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End-game explained.

Not sure if this is new, but I found it interesting and figured I would pass it along. This is from James of Mythic talking about the endgame. Enjoy! You lock down 2 pairings by capturing the fortress at the … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the PQ feedback.

Reading over some forum posts about WAR and in particular reactions to Public Quests, it’s (not?) surprising how many people are just not picking up on how they work. As with any new feature in an MMO, there is bound … Continue reading

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Listen to me ramble!

Adam is back after… well a LONG time away, and has put together another quality podcast. Adam, Luper, and myself talk about a bunch of MMO goodness. Copy/paste incoming. Adam’s back with another show!  In this episode, Adam, Luper from … Continue reading

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This is your MMO Jesus?

Someone should re-make WoW/The Sims, with the Mac OS interface, aimed at 5 year olds looking for ‘fun’ mail delivery grinding. Then it should be called ‘next gen’, because the future of MMOs is to make everything ‘optional’, even if ‘fun’ … Continue reading

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