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Aion: Eminem’s “Kim” track, final verse, final line.

Watching Aion bleed out in record time is, to be honest, enjoyable for me. Part of that just comes from my general dislike that the genre of gaming I enjoy most has, on the AAA level, gone from persistent worlds … Continue reading

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DarkFall: Bounty Hunter event aftermath.

Last night the NA DarkFall server saw its first major player-driven event, a bounty hunter chase that went off very well considering it was the first of its kind in DF. I was able to log on just after the … Continue reading

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DarkFall’s version of EVE University

As frequent readers here know, one of the reasons I greatly prefer a sandbox MMO over a themepark is the amount of control players have in shaping their game and the world around them. While that control is a double … Continue reading

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Dragon Age does hype the right way

My anticipation for Dragon Age has been slowly ramping up, and not in the usual ‘watch ever movie/screen shot asap!’ way. I actually made it a point to avoid all that in order to keep the experience of playing the … Continue reading

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More Aion vs Fallen Earth observations

The trending examples provided by the recently released Aion and Fallen Earth continue, and some interesting if not entirely unexpected observations can be made. Today’s topic is player reaction, and how it differs when comparing a niche game (FE) versus … Continue reading

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DDO: Too fast?

Am I the only one who thinks DDO would be a better game if everything inside a dungeon was at 50% speed? I think they have a great combat system, one that is both a little action hack-n-slash and also … Continue reading

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Shocking! Asian grind game is grindy

This is rather amussing. Damn NCSoft for tricking everyone into believe this Asian import with a year+ record of well documented grinding would be a grind. Those bastards. (Bonus points for kicking those with high-end rigs in the nuts once … Continue reading

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More DarkFall expansion details

The bad news about the next DarkFall expansion/patch is that is has been delayed until mid-November. The good news is we have some more info about what it will contain. Clicky here to read the Spotlight piece and all the … Continue reading

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Dealing with the undesirables of any MMO community.

Yesterday’s post was about the theory/dream of a persistent world with a reactive ecosystem, among other features. One of the very valid arguments against this setup is the possibility of the players themselves not playing nice and ruining everything. It’s … Continue reading

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What the MMORPG genre could (and should) be.

Last Friday’s post, and the links in the comments to Raph Koster’s posts (here, here, and here) (Thanks Brian) about the old Ultima Online eco system have sparked some old memories of what got me interested in the MMORPG genre … Continue reading

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