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EVE: CCP Falcon is running a thousand ratting bots himself, proof inside!

Look, more alternative facts that Goons are dead. So dead we are the most economically active alliance in the game. The RMT Empire is alive and well, everyone to the party yacht while our hordes of bots get us unassailably … Continue reading

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EVE: The one world where wealth means something, big and small

I’ve been focused on income sources of late in EVE, and part of the motivation behind that is the knowledge that, when I choose, I can use that ISK in a lot of different ways to entertain myself. That aspect, … Continue reading

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EVE: Escalations perfectly compliment normal ratting

As previously mentioned, I went out and purchased a Rattlesnake battleship to run the 10/10 Escalations I sometimes get from running sites in my Super Carrier. The Rattlesnake + fit cost me just under 3 billion, and I was lucky … Continue reading

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Shocking twist, rambling lunatic is ignored by the sane

Like most his (sane) readers, I find Gevlon’s blog a great source of comedy. His tinfoil-based discussions, his refusal to accept reality, and the insane ways he twists himself around to get to his viewpoint are all more often than … Continue reading

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EVE: I have the best problem of all

I currently have the best problem of all in EVE; too much stuff I want to do and train for. As mentioned last time, I recently purchased my Super Carrier, and now have the goal of upgrading its fit. How … Continue reading

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Super Carrier has arrived

Back in October I purchased my carrier, a Chimera, and now 6 months later I’ve purchased my Super Carrier, the Wyvern. Progress! The difference between the Chimera and Wyvern are mostly in power rather than functionality; the Wyvern is multiple … Continue reading

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Yea but what about Latin language support?

If you follow a game on Steam, anytime the devs post an update you see it in your Activity tab. It’s a nice feature, and makes it easy to keep up with games that receive frequent updates (like Early Access … Continue reading

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Shared Battle Brothers game map code

70a248 Set it to Expert, Ironman, random endgame. Goal is to retire at 30 days with the highest score (or last as long as you can until 30 days). Post the end result on Steam or link it here. Enjoy!

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Shared Battle Brothers game coming up, would you like to join?

The most recent update to Battle Brothers allows for map sharing via a map code, which got Obmar thinking it would be fun to have a bunch of us all play on the same map, and see who can last … Continue reading

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Mount and Blade: Bannerlord fears and anticipation

I have a subscription to PC Gamer magazine, which you might consider a bit odd given the amount of PC gaming news I read online. In part, its a nostalgia thing, but its also a decent way to read about … Continue reading

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