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Gamer Bob says: MMOs suck.

People often credit WoW’s success because, in part, it’s a little bit of everything for everyone (in theory at least), and while that’s a great way to get into the genre, if you really want to focus on any one … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl: a nice turn-based surprise.

Most of this past weekend was spent playing Blood Bowl by Cyanide Studios, to the point that my fiancé calling me a crack addict because of my want to play it constantly. So in Eurogamer terms, the game is a … Continue reading

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Guess the asshole.

Every once in a while, we all pull a Eurogamer and get our facts wrong. It happens, most people apologize, no big deal. Sometimes, for whatever reason, we defend a company and help support their bullshit, going so far as … Continue reading

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CCP’s cruel joke.

I re-subbed one of my EVE Online accounts last night, and today I get a ‘Come back for five days free’ email from CCP about that same account. F U CCP. Double F U  because I could actually use this … Continue reading

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Quick reactions to all the latest MMO-related happenings

Too many MMO-related topics flying around in my head and it’s going to take some time to sort it all out. DarkFall: Aside from feeling like a euro in regards to the whole NA deal, the big ‘expansion’ patch is … Continue reading

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WAR LotD: New RvR zone launches, RvR left off the invite list.

LotD officially launched yesterday in Warhammer Online, just not fully. Only the event-winning side had access for the first 24 hours, and the new dungeon was closed, leaving everyone to try out the various PQs and lair bosses. The good … Continue reading

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Blizzard on WG: We did not want that PvP anyway

100+ vs 100+ player battles are apparently too difficult for Blizzard to figure out after only having 5+ years to work on it. Or, if you try to issue a pass like some people, it’s just technically not possible to … Continue reading

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Second year of blogging is in the books!

Ding, two years of blogging done! I’m going to try and follow the format I used in my previous yearly review in order to make the comparison a bit easier. Like last year, the overall ‘Blog Stats” are up first. … Continue reading

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Back to DDO I go.

The Casualties (of whatever game we play) guild is trying to put together a static group for DDO, something I’m rather interested in. DDO is a tough MMO to crack, because it’s not only forced grouping, but also suffers more … Continue reading

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Homeless Sims: A good example of using the sandbox

I saw this excellent use of The Sims 3 thanks to Raph Koster’s blog. Great writing and use of screen shots, and certainly shows the depth a sandbox game can go if used correctly. Looking forward to future updates for … Continue reading

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