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DF:UW – Take care of the sheep to keep the wolves

The biggest challenge for any PvP sandbox developer is figuring out how to keep the sheep around. The easiest challenge is figuring out how to keep the wolves. If you look at the history of this MMO sub-genre, it’s not … Continue reading

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SOE Kickstarting EQNL

Let’s circle back to that EQNext:Landmark thing, shall we, because I think there is some interesting stuff going on between SOE and the way they have approach this. The $100 “get in beta, possibly get ‘power’ if location is a … Continue reading

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Fact not Opinion

Forumfall: Your blog post makes you sound like an egotistical asshole and takes a “my way is the only way” approach. I mean, if the shoe fits and all that.  

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XCOM: Enemy Within is good, but perhaps not $30 good

Having finished XCOM: Enemy Within, I’m a bit torn on exactly what I think of it. On the one hand, the additions do spice up the standard campaign, making what was already a solid game all around better. On the … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Economy, MVPs, and Forumfall noise

Warning, the following is a long post centered around Darkfall, but in many ways applies to MMOs in general, and skims many concepts in order to prevent this from being an even longer novel. Apologies if I lose you along … Continue reading

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P2W changes coming to GW2

Simply because I like nothing more than tooting my own horn, we have this steller NCSoft earnings report. Shocking that the 3 week wonder that was manifested to change the face of the MMO genre is not the home run … Continue reading

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More Massively EVE commenting entertainment

I’ve posted this stuff before, but so long as the idiot train is running full steam in the Massively comments section, I’ll keep linking to it. My favorite out of this batch: It’s not just the gameplay though it’s the … Continue reading

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