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WAR alts update.

Having just reached tier 2 on our Choppa and Black Orc alts, now would be a good time for some initial thoughts on our second trip through the WAR leveling game. Both classes are radically different than our two previous … Continue reading

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DarkFall PvE screenshots

While DarkFall is a PvP game first and foremost, even our very PvP-focused guild is not out ganking 24/7.  A few of our members were exploring recently, and found a new dungeon we had not seen before. Gathering a group … Continue reading

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Guess what this post is about? (hint: tourists)

A day after unsuccessfully going with “Without WoW WAR would not have sold 300,000 copies” and claiming that WoW tourists are actually good for the industry, Tobold today decides to go the “WoW is just that much better” route to … Continue reading

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Taking the Crusade of the Miserable on tour

In an effort to bring our Crusade of the Miserable to distant lands, six Inquisition members set out last night on a trip across the world to visit the humans. No one in our group had ever gone that far … Continue reading

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Playing in our sandbox

Take a short break from the MMO martyr Crusade of the Miserable, Inquisition decided to play around in our DarkFall sandbox and just have some fun. (don’t worry, we were calling everyone the N word and talking non-stop about how … Continue reading

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A final trip into the mind of a WoW tourist

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, but I always have fun with them. This should (but won’t) also conclude the whole “who is a WoW tourist” thing. Once again this comes from WoW tourist representative … Continue reading

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What playing way too much DarkFall gets you.

Things change quickly in DarkFall, on both a personal scale and on the grand political scale. With the game still in its infancy, everyone is scrambling to establish and maintain alliances, and guilds that were allies just hours ago are … Continue reading

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