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Back to Old Azeroth again

Quick little update here, WoW Classic Burning Crusade pre-patch starts today, and myself and a few others will be rolling new characters to once again take the trip through Azeroth. Expectations are to basically enjoy the 1-60 content again, mostly … Continue reading

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Clash of Clans: Town Hall 14 is here!

Clash of Clans has just released Town Hall 14, a major update to the game that has given myself and some of the other long-standing members in the clan new things to work on. The timing is pretty spot-on for … Continue reading

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Shop Titans thoughts and guild creation

I saw Tobold post about Shop Titans, and then had a few guild mates also confirm they enjoy the game, so here I am, playing another grinder F2P game (via Steam, but is also on mobile). Honestly as easy as … Continue reading

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Mighty Party advice after a year of playing

This information is accurate as of March 13th, 2021. The game is frequently updated and things change, while this post most likely won’t get updates, so if you are ready this months later, double check to make sure the advice … Continue reading

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Valheim, final thoughts after defeating boss 5

We have killed the fifth and, for now, final boss of Valheim, officially marking our end with the game until more content is released. At $20, the 136 hours I already have with the game have been well worth the … Continue reading

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Valheim – Thoughts after 100+ hours played

Some more Valheim thoughts as I cross 100+ hours played according to Steam. This is all based on playing consistently with a small group of friends. I think everything overall would be less fun/interesting solo. The boss fights are very … Continue reading

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Valheim, a survival sim that puts fun and smarts ahead of survival

I shall now also post about Valheim, because that is what one blogs about these days. As one should, because out of the blue the game has come out and done what so many before it have failed to do; … Continue reading

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Talos Principle mini-review

Quick review of the Talos Principle, a game released in 2014, one I purchased on Steam a few years ago, but only recently actually play. In short its a puzzle game similar to Portal, but with a far greater focus … Continue reading

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Mini Metro review

If there is an award for cleanest design to achieve it’s goal, Mini Metro wins it. When you first load the game up, you are taken directly into the first map. No intro screen, no main menu, no tutorial section; … Continue reading

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Foundations mini-review

Mini review of Foundations as the game is still in Early Access (aren’t they all), and also because its a medieval city builder with all of the basics you would expect from such a game. Foundations has two things going … Continue reading

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