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The good old days, reborn

A few days ago I re-subbed to WoW, along with grabbing another account for my girlfriend. We created two Draenei characters, a Shaman (me) and a Mage (her), and starting our trek towards 70, with the goal of hitting one … Continue reading

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Playing the market, small scale for now.

Wilhelm over at TAGN was been posting some great stuff about mining/production in EVE, which has given me more than a few ideas on how to play my second EVE account. My second account is a dedicated miner/industrial pilot, with … Continue reading

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More quality EVE talk, this time with copy/paste action.

An excellent comment by Letrange was made on the ‘Gauntlet‘ post, and I feel it deserves it’s very own entry. I basically agree with him/her 100%, and the comment really brings up some key points about EVE. I think his/her … Continue reading

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From nerd to world domination, one great game at a time.

Darren over at Common Sense Gamer had a bit of news today based on a quote from Codemasters, with the basis of it being that they want to release one MMO per year. Being the ever lovable doom and gloom … Continue reading

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Back to WoW we go…

After a long break I’ve decided to return to World of Warcraft, although in a very different manner. Instead of playing it to raid and be on the bleeding edge of content, the goal here will be to very casually … Continue reading

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Podcast goodness!

I’ve finally popped my Podcast cherry over at VirginWorlds. (yay wordplay jokes) Darren was nice enough to have me as a guest on “Shut Up Were Talking” 14, along with Aaron and Adam. I think everyone had a great time, … Continue reading

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More PotBS talk. The game is FUN!

Seems the PotBS stress test to beta access is indeed true. I was able to log on last night and play on the beta server, which was a nice surprise. After a little more time with the game, this time … Continue reading

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Frigate Tournament = Good times.

Over the weekend my Alliance held a frigate tournament, open to all and in a FFA format. The rules stated you could use any tech 1 frigate with tech 1 fittings, named fittings were allowed. We flew out to a … Continue reading

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6 hours of PotBS.

PotBS had its second stress test this weekend, and I was actually able to get in this time and give the game a shot, and it only took 12 hours of patching, thanks SOE… Download issue aside, and I don’t … Continue reading

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Gameplay vs crashing, when to call it quits?

If a game is giving you technical difficulties, be it low FPS, distortion, texture errors, freezing or crashing, at what point do you just get fed up and quit? That’s my current dilemma with NWN2, as I’m deep into chapter … Continue reading

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