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The good old days, reborn

A few days ago I re-subbed to WoW, along with grabbing another account for my girlfriend. We created two Draenei characters, a Shaman (me) and a Mage (her), and starting our trek towards 70, with the goal of hitting one … Continue reading

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Playing the market, small scale for now.

Wilhelm over at TAGN was been posting some great stuff about mining/production in EVE, which has given me more than a few ideas on how to play my second EVE account. My second account is a dedicated miner/industrial pilot, with … Continue reading

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More quality EVE talk, this time with copy/paste action.

An excellent comment by Letrange was made on the ‘Gauntlet‘ post, and I feel it deserves it’s very own entry. I basically agree with him/her 100%, and the comment really brings up some key points about EVE. I think his/her … Continue reading

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From nerd to world domination, one great game at a time.

Darren over at Common Sense Gamer had a bit of news today based on a quote from Codemasters, with the basis of it being that they want to release one MMO per year. Being the ever lovable doom and gloom … Continue reading

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Back to WoW we go…

After a long break I’ve decided to return to World of Warcraft, although in a very different manner. Instead of playing it to raid and be on the bleeding edge of content, the goal here will be to very casually … Continue reading

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Podcast goodness!

I’ve finally popped my Podcast cherry over at VirginWorlds. (yay wordplay jokes) Darren was nice enough to have me as a guest on “Shut Up Were Talking” 14, along with Aaron and Adam. I think everyone had a great time, … Continue reading

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More PotBS talk. The game is FUN!

Seems the PotBS stress test to beta access is indeed true. I was able to log on last night and play on the beta server, which was a nice surprise. After a little more time with the game, this time … Continue reading

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