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Give LotRO a proper ending

LotRO and I have a long history. It was one of the first MMOs I played with my wife that she really got into, and for a time I enjoyed the game despite its many issues. Its one of the … Continue reading

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New Blizzard is, in fact, dumber than SOE at this point

Remember way back in the WotLK days when (unknown to us at the time) New Blizzard said that 100+ character open-world battles in an MMO where technically impossible? I believe they said that the same day EVE had a 1000+ … Continue reading

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EVE: The man who funded World War Bee

Very good read over at Polygon about who funded the war against the Imperium, and just what it took. Pretty interesting that basically one guy, who is great at making ISK (and he wasn’t selling skill books or hauling badgers … Continue reading

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WoW: Churn and burn

The closing of a private WoW server has sparked some good debate, particularly around my favorite fact (not topic) of discussion; that WoW stopped growing during WotLK, thanks in large part to the design changes made at that time. Az … Continue reading

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Update on CoC, CR, and BB. HS is dead

Quick update on the mobile gaming front. We have one open spot in both Clash Royale and Boom Beach, along with two spots in Clash of Clans. Search for “Supreme Cream!” to find us, and state you are a blog … Continue reading

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Zombasite doesn’t actually play like a Diablo-clone

I’m digging deeper into Zombasite, and the time spent is being rewarded. The biggest shocker? I don’t really look at the game as a traditional ARPG (Diablo-clone) anymore, because the focus of the game just isn’t the same. That’s hugely … Continue reading

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One man and a million copies later

Stardew Valley has sold more than 1 million copies already, and it’s a game made by one man. It’s also very good, as I noted briefly here. I think the success of such a game is important for the industry … Continue reading

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Vanilla WoW today would have more subs than current WoW

All the recent talk of vanilla WoW is right in my wheelhouse, and not just because its yet another feather in my giant cap of “things SynCaine was right about long before everyone else caught up”, but also because you … Continue reading

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The beatings shall continue

Ho hum, another major GotY aware goes to Fallout 4. Let’s all pretend to be surprised…

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Zombasite is a deep indie ARPG

Full disclosure: I was contacted by the devs of Zombasite and sent a free Steam key. This write-up is based on about 4 hours with the game. Zombasite is a Diablo-like game with some interesting and often confusing systems layers … Continue reading

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