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Can’t use till after Christmas.   Not playing Total War: Rome 2, Farcry 4, FFXIV, and Endless Legends right now because I want to play them without a single hitch maxed out. Luckily The Settlers II – 10th Anniversary edition … Continue reading

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Burnout is a myth

When WoW was declining due to one crappy expansion after another featuring accessibility-inspired dumbing down, some people tried to write this off as not being about the content, but just due to ‘burnout’. They would have you believe that after … Continue reading

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CoC: Supreme Cream! vs Kakakoko Team 11/23/2014

(Stats and writeup provided by Delpez) Supreme Cream! vs Kakakoko Team Supreme Cream! Enemy Average TH Level 7.60 7.62 Score 128 122 Total Attacks Used 84 83 Total 3 Star Attacks 43 37 Total 3 Star % 51.2 44.6 3 … Continue reading

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Someone make this: Necromunda

So when Mordheim was announced/posted on Steam, I mentioned how I’ve been mulling over the idea of a Necromunda game. Much like the PvE sandbox posts (though far shorter), here goes. All of the game rules, setting, and characters would … Continue reading

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EVE: 10/10

Great new video by CCP, kinda adding on to the recent Rooks and Kings video. Both are great due to the player voice recordings. Basically video form of the sandbox peaks I’ve talked about in the past. I also like … Continue reading

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Raph on WoW, WoW players on WoW

Solid read all around right here. In basically all respects Raph is right, especially at the end with “World of Warcraft effectively made MMOs perfect, and in the process, it killed them.” It’s sad to imagine what the genre could … Continue reading

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Mordheim is coming!

I am interested in this. Two immediate thoughts; one is that I love the grid-less turn-based system. Assuming its pulled off correctly it should fit Mordheim perfectly. Two, the game looks slow as hell based on the videos, which I’m … Continue reading

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CoC: Dragon stats and analysis

(More amazing work from Delpez, and just one example of the depth and number of interesting decisions  CoC has. The main comment I have is that more data is needed overall, which we will collect as more wars happen, but … Continue reading

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WoW: Still kinda bitter over those spacegoats

Random little thing; Stu has produced a table of characters from WoW, styled after the periodic table of elements. Honestly I don’t recognize half the names, but I did get a chuckle out of characters being alive, deceased, or undead. … Continue reading

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Hearthstone: This kiddie pool sure has a lot of leaks

More observations as I roll my face across the iPad ‘playing’ Hearthstone: Just like MtG (or basically most card games of this type), Hearthstone is a major Pay-4-Power game. Epic and Legendary cards are silly strong, and as soon as … Continue reading

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