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Fallout 4:Virtual Boston is real world fun

One thing that is clicking for me about Fallout 4 is the location, given that I currently live just outside of Boston. Just recently I was driving into Logan airport and mentally comparing the real layout of Boston to the … Continue reading

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Testing a new theme

Tell me how much you hate it. The main reason for the change is I noticed the old theme removed the tabs near the top for the CoC and Sandbox pages. Just more WordPress doing WordPress things.

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Why is Fallout 4 so good?

Sorry for the lack of content, a combo of being a bit under the weather and playing Fallout 4 almost exclusively (CoC/BB/Dungeon Boss aside) hasn’t sparked a lot of blog content. One thing that I’m still trying to fully pin … Continue reading

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Smed is back, airdrops some hilarity for all of us!

Really Smed, now you don’t like F2P? Why, because that home you built for SWG fans that wasn’t Pay-4-Power wasn’t as well received as you thought it would be? Because your baby Planetside is shut down after having an abortion … Continue reading

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Fallout 4: Cambridge Polymer Labs

This post is specifically (and only) about the Cambridge Polymer Labs in Fallout 4, and why its a perfect example of the great work Bethesda is known for. If you haven’t done the location yet and don’t want it spoiled … Continue reading

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Fallout 4: Main story complete (spoiler-free)

Well, I beat Fallout 4 just now, and I must say the main quest line in the game is pretty fantastic. My head is also spinning at how different things could go if I had made different choices, which is … Continue reading

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Fallout 4: Spoiler-free thoughts 10 hours in

Time for some expanded thoughts about Fallout 4: As mentioned, it certainly feels like a Fallout game, which might sound obvious, but is something that could have been lost (think Diablo 2 vs Diablo 3, for example). I think maybe … Continue reading

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