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Fallout 4:Virtual Boston is real world fun

One thing that is clicking for me about Fallout 4 is the location, given that I currently live just outside of Boston. Just recently I was driving into Logan airport and mentally comparing the real layout of Boston to the … Continue reading

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Testing a new theme

Tell me how much you hate it. The main reason for the change is I noticed the old theme removed the tabs near the top for the CoC and Sandbox pages. Just more WordPress doing WordPress things.

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Why is Fallout 4 so good?

Sorry for the lack of content, a combo of being a bit under the weather and playing Fallout 4 almost exclusively (CoC/BB/Dungeon Boss aside) hasn’t sparked a lot of blog content. One thing that I’m still trying to fully pin … Continue reading

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Smed is back, airdrops some hilarity for all of us!

Really Smed, now you don’t like F2P? Why, because that home you built for SWG fans that wasn’t Pay-4-Power wasn’t as well received as you thought it would be? Because your baby Planetside is shut down after having an abortion … Continue reading

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Fallout 4: Cambridge Polymer Labs

This post is specifically (and only) about the Cambridge Polymer Labs in Fallout 4, and why its a perfect example of the great work Bethesda is known for. If you haven’t done the location yet and don’t want it spoiled … Continue reading

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Fallout 4: Main story complete (spoiler-free)

Well, I beat Fallout 4 just now, and I must say the main quest line in the game is pretty fantastic. My head is also spinning at how different things could go if I had made different choices, which is … Continue reading

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Fallout 4: Spoiler-free thoughts 10 hours in

Time for some expanded thoughts about Fallout 4: As mentioned, it certainly feels like a Fallout game, which might sound obvious, but is something that could have been lost (think Diablo 2 vs Diablo 3, for example). I think maybe … Continue reading

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Fallout 4 “had to stop playing to type this but really need to get back to playing it so…” review

Fallout 4 feels like a Fallout game, just newer/better. Also its not crashing for me on day one, and performance is super-smooth. If you don’t buy it based on that you either hate yourself or hate fun, possibly both. Now … Continue reading

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Spoiler-free Fallout 4 review has me wishing this day would just end already

Polygon has a great, spoiler-free review up for Fallout 4. The things I’m most excited about based on the above is that crafting sounds not just like its been expanded tremendously, but is more critical to success this time around … Continue reading

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At least we know why Blizzard won’t be reporting WoW sub numbers anymore

With Legion not coming out until 2050, pretty easy to see why Blizz doesn’t want to talk about sub numbers anymore; they won’t have any. Nice run WoW had, but looks like its off to the retirement home. No worries … Continue reading

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