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“It seems much easier to make interesting, sandbox PvP content then it is to maintain and create PvE treadmill content”

Every now and then you come across something shocking it’s just too hard to ignore. Today is one of those days. This is a comment from a post Keen made, waiting for WoW to embrace its PvP nature (pro-tip: HKO … Continue reading

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Random thoughts or updates on not-so-random titles

Thanks to Comcast being… well Comcast, online gaming for the last week has been sporadic and rage-inducing. I mean nothing says “I’m having fun now” like lagging in League of Legends, where for some insane reason you can still see … Continue reading

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Quality Darkfall read

Not much to add to this, other than it’s nice to hear someone approach Darkfall appropriately, rather than wondering when the first ‘epic’ is going to drop and ragequiting because someone interacted with them in an MMO. Looking forward to … Continue reading

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That’s going to cost you

World of Warcraft Pony reskin: $25 League of Legends legendary skin: ~$12 Azeroth cataclysm zone changes: Free (after the $15 a month cost for a sub) League of Legends game, including online service: Free Supreme Commander 2: $3.50 (Steam Sale) … Continue reading

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Brolaf, bro

League of Legends gameplay is perhaps only surpassed by Riot’s interaction with their community. One glance at the dev tracker will show you that they troll the forums more than most trolls, reveal more game info than Blizzard at Blizcon… … Continue reading

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The real Cataclysm

Everyone and their uncreative grandmother blogging and gushing over the excitement of $8 levels, partial zone revamps (oh wait, those are free and not technically part of that $40, oops), and two character reskins. Please, please tell me how you … Continue reading

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More thoughts on Perpetuum

I spent a solid amount of time playing Perpetuum over the weekend, wrapping up the introductory assignment (quests) line and a few Corp assignments after. I feel that I’m at the point now where I ‘get’ a good portion of … Continue reading

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Perpetuum Review (EG style)

EVE – spaceships + robots = Perpetuum. Normally people write the above as a joke because something within the game is sorta like something from another game. Not the case here. At all. The above is fact. I’m 100% serious. … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl: Final day of week 1!

Blood Bowl League Update: Week one has been extended until Thursday, November 18, 2010, Midnight EST. Two games have not been played as of last night, so get them in! Did I mention Nuffle is a bastard? Oh I did? … Continue reading

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100% pure entertainment rant

Not MMO or even gaming related, but this rant is one of the best I’ve heard in… ever? I mean it’s passionate, it’s angry, and unlike many rants, it’s not just the same few sentences repeated over and over. It’s … Continue reading

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