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I need something explained to me

Why do you put out a PR release that anyone who has every played anything remotely resembling an MMO can immediately spot the major issue with? Discover new stuff to craft by experimenting? Hi in beta someone is going to … Continue reading

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Getting RPG players to act like MMO players

On vacation right now, so blogging activity might take a little dip for the next week or so. I’ve got a laptop so I should be able to post a bit, but we’ll see. Azuriel over at Player Vs Auction … Continue reading

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Is EA too cocky with SW?

It’s not secret EA is basically banking the company on SW:sRPG, and from the outside looking in it SEEMS the game should be a hot ticket in its first month, but is EA a little TOO cocky here? First they … Continue reading

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Time, Money, and Glowsticks

Between my post about new MMO pricing ‘methods’ and EA bending SW fans over with their $150 (more in EU)  CE, money has been the topic of late. My plan for SW:sRPG is to pick it up for $5 on … Continue reading

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Speaking of innovation…

The (not really all that) new MMO business model: Is your MMO ‘good’? If you lied and said “Yes”, go to A. If you ran out of money, need to ship the alpha, and said “No”, go to B. A: … Continue reading

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Innovation = Lowered Expectations

This article is making the blog rounds today. It’s interesting enough, and also a little comical (count how many people complain about innovation, and then count how many of them are “Currently know for” a sequel). While mostly console-focused, the … Continue reading

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Heroes of Might and Magic 6 beta update

Over the weekend I was able to play some Heroes of Might and Magic 6 (beta) hotseat multiplayer, and overall came away impressed. I’ve also now played enough of the single-player to get a solid feel for that as well. … Continue reading

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