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Good F2P, bad F2P

A proper free-to-play game allows players to enjoy the game and still spend money based on the amount they feel comfortable with Psychochild The “they feel comfortable with” is, for me, the key part here. Comfort to me is when … Continue reading

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It’s all fun and games until you start making millions

Via a link in Tobold’s soon-to-be-departed comments section, this RPS article is pretty funny, and the comments related to it are hilarious. I’m also surprised this has not happened yet. Not the whole “two paragraphs for free” part, but the … Continue reading

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An hour with the Heroes 6 beta

The Heroes 6 beta was released yesterday, and I was able to spend 60 minutes with it (exactly, according to Steam). Consider this a complete review. Basically. If you enjoy EG. Graphically the game looks/feels like a Heroes game, but … Continue reading

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The side-grind of raiding

Back when Molton Core was the first raid in WoW, Blizzard ‘nerfed’ it by introducing fire resist gear. These days they nerf raids by turning god-mode on for everyone and letting them breeze through the content. Trion also elected to … Continue reading

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How much for a sparklepony with a monocle?

Good summary of the EVE monocle debate over at TAGN, including links to other info and a post from the CCP CEO. I had to dig into my archive to find exactly what I have written about the WoW sparklepony, … Continue reading

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TL/DR post on accessibility

Accessibility brings content to the players that they previously would have had to make an effort to reach. If the players would rather quit than make the effort to reach the content, what does that say about the content itself?

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The metrics made me do it!

One of the justifications from Trion concerning nerfing difficulty in Rift was to allow Dungeon Finder groups to complete them. That statement contains a lot of value when broken down, and directly relates back to the topic of accessibility and … Continue reading

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