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Holding Warhammer Online’s Public Quests to a higher standard.

One of the early issues to arise in Warhammer Online is the games high reliance on population numbers, and the great importance they play in things like PQs. If you don’t have enough players in the area, they don’t function … Continue reading

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We talk bugs, but we play greatness.

The never-ending debate about how ‘done’ a game needs to be before it’s shipped is often seen on blogs or gaming forums. We all know it’s impossible to ship a perfect game, as even the most rock solid titles have … Continue reading

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RvR joy comes in the form of burning death.

Videocard update: (if you are sick of hearing about it, image how sick I am of dealing with it) Went to Best Buy with the 9600GT that was purchased about 2-3 months ago in the hopes of exchanging it. The … Continue reading

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More freaks than elves, what happened to the NE Huntard kiddies?

During the Warhammer Online beta, each poll showed Destruction being more popular than Order, sometimes vastly more popular. These numbers were always taken with a grain of salt, with the common response of “it’s beta, the casuals don’t play beta, … Continue reading

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The true value of the CE edition of Warhammer, and my busted 9600GT card.

I received my Collectors Edition of Warhammer Online over the weekend, and it was $30 well spent. All of the in-game stuff is hit or miss depending on preference (I like the DE face, most don’t), but at worst it … Continue reading

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Weekend of WAR

Warhammer Online has been out for a full week now if we count the Collectors Edition head start date, and generally the response has been overly positive. There is little doubt that WAR is indeed the next ‘it’ game in … Continue reading

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This might be a problem…

The SE version of Warhammer was ordered through Gamestop, and even though the order has shipped, it was shipped using the then promotion (free) value shipping, which according to Gamestop means 5-10 business days. Mythic turned off pre-order accounts this … Continue reading

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