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Too many good games!

The only thing worse than not having a good game to play is having way too many quality titles all vying for your attention. Ok maybe it’s not exactly a ‘problem’, but Steam seriously needs to stop offering stuff at … Continue reading

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Great potential, utter failure.

Bad games are easy to move on from and forget, but bad games with a ton of potential are a bit harder to let go off, and certainly cause more rage. This post is going to focus around Disciples III, … Continue reading

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Internet People

Not much to add to this other than lulz, so true.

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The average WoW player.

If only my MMO of choice offered cross-server, anon pug groups with voice chat so I could, maybe, just one day, collect ‘epics’ with this guy.

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Darkfall: PvP video from Aventurine

Aventurine posted an official video of the latest EU1 1v1 PvP tourney. Some nice camera work and good action clips abound, just wish it was a little longer. With godmode turned on (no collision, ability to fly, invisible), AV could … Continue reading

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Earning the crown

Note: Someone please inform work that I have a blog to write, and hence I can’t be actually working all 8 hours of the day. I mean, come on! And actually, being busy at work feeds right into today’s topic, … Continue reading

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Darkfall’s Kraken strikes again

This is good stuff. It’s a clip from a livestream of some (I’m guessing) new players just out exploring a bit of Agon, sailing towards a volcano on Ruby. Make sure you have the sound on, it makes the whole … Continue reading

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Darkfall: Siege of Tirghan

As I was playing the recently purchased Disciples III, ($20 sale on Steam. After about an hour it seems like an interesting take on Heroes of Might and Magic) I was also in the Heroes Fate vent (allies of Blood) … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition

A few days ago I got an email (went to spam actually) informing me of a 30% discount on Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition for anyone who purchased the original version. 30% seems significant, plus I enjoyed the original Blood Bowl, … Continue reading

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League of Lengeds update: Halloween, 1300 ELO, Yi

If I made a post about every League of Legends patch or updated, things would get a little out of hand. Riot, despite only selling the highest-priced reskins at less than 50% of a pony, pump out content so fast … Continue reading

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