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Town control in Atlantica Online, another winning system.

My guild in Atlantica Online (Hunters on Argos, if you play, recruitment is open) recently won the bid for a town, which has opened up some interesting game systems I’d like to talk about. As with my previous AO posts, … Continue reading

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First take on the 1/29 announcement by Mythic.

It’s 1/29, and as expected Mythic has announced their plans for Warhammer Online. First good job on actually hitting the date as promised, something not all MMO developers have mastered yet. Second, it’s going to take a bit of time … Continue reading

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DarkFall anticipation +1

I said I would not do it, but yet again I’m in “excited about an upcoming MMO” mode. This time around it’s Darkfall, and my interest has been raised by unexpected sources. As anyone with access to a gaming forum … Continue reading

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Patch day in a F2P game, not all that fun.

Generally patch day for an MMO is a good thing. Usually patches bring fixes, changes, and new content. Patches are part of the justification for spending $15 or so a month for an MMO. So what happens when you patch … Continue reading

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A message for Tobold

Dear Tobold, If you make one more QQ post, I will be forced to cancel my account and stop reading your blog. I did not sign up to read about your emotions or personal opinions, I just want (whatever the … Continue reading

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Man, I’m glad I’m not playing THAT game.

Dear Warhammer fans, We know the recent patch was a bit of a letdown, but please let us explain. We have a lot going on around here, and we are still new to this MMO thing. We also don’t have … Continue reading

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Slayers, Darkness Falls, and other ‘big news’ for Warhammer Online.

There is a lot of news and information concerning Warhammer Online right now, and I’m not quite sure what to comment on. Now that the ‘new game’ shine has worn off, I can’t help but think what WAR will be … Continue reading

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WoW tourists attack DarkFall.

Let’s pretend this press release about Darkfall is being honest, and not just painting a delay in a positive light. I know, it’s a stretch, but “zomg vaporware lulz” posts have been done and bring little to the table. Thanks … Continue reading

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The endless sandbox vs the safe theme park.

MMOs are designed without a ‘game over’ screen, and one of the major appeals of the genre is that the player, rather than the game, determines when you are done. No matter how much you loved Final Fantasy 7, at … Continue reading

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Blogging meh, and should Mythic stop listening to you?

RL is kicking my ass lately, can’t exactly focus fully on a blog post. I’ve written about five different posts today, all which have been scrapped due to them not exactly saying much of anything. The one that came closest … Continue reading

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