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Dragon’s Dogma is a great offline MMO

Dragon’s Dogma was recently released on PC, but is a game that came out in 2012 or so on PS3 and whatever Xbox version was around then. I might have more to say about it as I play it a … Continue reading

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CR: The brutality of a shorter feedback cycle

One of the big differences psychologically between Clash Royale and another PvP game like say League of Legends is the length of the feedback cycle. In LoL a win or a loss takes about 30 minutes, which means the average … Continue reading

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CR: You likely suck more than the chest timers do

The more I think about it, the more I think the main issue with Clash Royale’s business model is based on presentation rather than actual function. The game hits you right away with big timers, and is also misleading in … Continue reading

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Clash Royale: How to be smart with the game and your money

Some random items around Clash Royale, which has taken gaming by storm because, goddamn, it’s a ton of fun. First, why do some people call it a MOBA? I mean I get the lanes thing, but having multiple lanes isn’t … Continue reading

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Don’t be as dumb as the burning man in Clash Royale

I’m sure most (all?) of you have already figured this out, but just in case, don’t be this dumb in Clash Royale. The math is rather simple, but if you need it broken down here you go. The more (very … Continue reading

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+1 for Smed, EQN is dead

Another notch on Smed’s belt-o-failure has been added. Too bad no one in 2013 could have possibly predicted this… And so continues the story of the one-hit-wonder that was/is SOE, now with awkward bastard child Landmark hanging in the wind. … Continue reading

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Clash Royale review

Let’s talk more about Clash Royale, because it’s good. Really good. SuperCell today is where Old Blizzard was back in the day; the games they make are easy to pick up, lure you in with the promise of more enjoyment … Continue reading

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Clash Royale clan is up

Clan name is “Supreme Cream”, join up as donating cards is beneficial (donating a common gives you 5g, while buying a common costs 3g), and you can do practice matches against clan-mates.

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Clash Royale – Good game, bad yet successful business model

If I had to name the biggest flaw with both Clash of Clans and Boom Beach is that they make it hard to give SuperCell money. Buying gems in both games is almost counter-productive, as all gems do is progress … Continue reading

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Stardew Valley: Settle in, you’re going to be here a while

Like basically everyone else, I’m surprisingly playing Stardew Valley right now, and really liking it. On the surface it seems like a simple and relaxed “run a farm” game, and in some ways it is, but it also has plenty … Continue reading

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