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CoC – Supreme Cream vs Bahia

(Text and stats by Delpez) Supreme Cream vs. Bahia It has been a while since I’ve done a war report, and I thought it might be worthwhile to also discuss a number of clan related topics that’s been popping up … Continue reading

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Dungeon Boss – Grind the game, not the UI

Dungeon Boss continues to impress and entertain me, so if you haven’t already, pick it up and lets be ‘friends’. I mentioned before about the honesty of the games ‘grind’ (air quote because for many grind is a bad word, … Continue reading

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Dungeon Boss: A good and honest way to waste some time

I appreciate honesty in game design. If you are creating a casual ‘time waster’ game that doesn’t do much else, I appreciate when the devs are honest about that. Same goes for ‘hardcore’ games, with Darksouls being one of the … Continue reading

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Crowfall: Game design that has also grown up

Crowfall is the MMO I’ve pinned my future hopes on (and a decent chunk of change is backing that up), but since it is still fairly far away, and I know I can ‘catch up’ when I get access to … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl 2 is a UI-driven nightmare right now

The Blood Bowl 2 beta has started, which is good, because dear god does BB2 need more time to bake. Rant incoming. Making BB2 should be the easiest game in the world to make. You go into it with all … Continue reading

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Oh so very lumpy

Remember when we (Az) were doing a breakdown of that oddball grouping of Destiny and Hearthstone? Trying to figure out what percentage of the pie was Destiny and what crumbs HS contributed? Well… Giving HS credit for crumbs was grossly … Continue reading

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CoC: More fun with numbers! Also spots open in our clan

(Writeup and stats by Delpez. Also our clan, “Supreme Cream!” has a few open spots due to recent roster cleanup. Please mention the blog when applying). Supreme Cream Performance During a previous CoC blog post, a comment was made that … Continue reading

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ARK – Taming a Diodicurous

The ARK obsession continues! Today is the story of my Diodicurous (Diod) tame, and all of the game design aspects that factored in and made it an all-around good time. The Diod is one of the newer dinos added to … Continue reading

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