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Pillars of Eternity: Two great moments so far

Spoiler Alert for Pillars of Eternity, unless you are to at least to chapter 3 or don’t care about spoilers, don’t continue reading. Two scenes so far have really stuck out to me, the first being the Watcher you talk … Continue reading

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Boom Beach: Moving up to a 50-man Task Force

Quick note: I’ve increased the size of the Boom Beach task force to 50, so anyone interested in joining should do so now, plenty of spots available, and everyone is welcome. Task Force name: Hardcore Casual, tag: #GQULQR2

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Pillars of Eternity: Thoughts after a few hours

Whenever developers ‘remake’ a classic game, or attempt a ‘spiritual successor’, there is always a balance of what to keep and what to change/update, and if you don’t get that balance right, you disappoint. Often-times you not only disappoint, but … Continue reading

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Pillars of Eternity: Weeee

30 minutes in review: BEST GAME EVER!!

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Crowfall: Wallet-vote was strong

Not only has Crowfall (Fantasy EVE) funded, but its one of the most successful gaming Kickstarter campaigns in history. Again, who could have predicted Fantasy EVE was a thing people wanted… Glad it only took until the third month in … Continue reading

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Last-hitting in a MOBA is like XP in an RPG; don’t leave home without it

Much like when the MMO genre was king and we broke down ‘core systems’ like daily quests, breaking down a core system like last hitting in a MOBA is today’s topic, and much like with daily quests, people tend to … Continue reading

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HotS: Shut up newbie

First, we have one spot open in our CoC clan, “Supreme Cream!”. If you are at least TH7 with lvl 2 dragons and a functioning brain, feel free to apply and just mention the blog. Also the Boom Beach Task … Continue reading

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HotS: A new low for Blizzard

Heroes of the Storm is to League of Legends as Hearthstone is to Magic: The Gathering, and yes, that’s not a good thing. Old Blizzard made games that were easy to get into but hard to master. New Blizzard makes … Continue reading

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Trion bring Trion: Even I don’t care at this point

Blah blah blah Trion being Trion, blah blah blah. Even when failing Trion is boring me now. Sad times all around.  

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Shocker, a successful MMO is going to the sub model

Lineage 1, which I’ve actually played a good amount of and must say the game is very solid (in a very Asian, hyper-grindy way), is opening up a sub-only server in China. In freaking China! Really weird how if a … Continue reading

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