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Darkfall has been greenlit

Winning. (And now the obligatory “How will AV screw this up” trolling/truth) Also I hope the process to get the game on Steam for purchase is not completed by 12/12/12, because the queues could be pretty lengthy. Far better to … Continue reading

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Get Darkfall on Steam

Aventurine has submitted Darkfall: Unholy Wars for Steam’s Greenlight. Go vote to get it in. Also the newest video has been released, showing off the Skirmisher role / Brawler school. Gotta love that jump range. Hopefully the dodge move is … Continue reading

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Occupy Endgame

Yesterday’s post about repeatable content had a side conversation in the comments about the % of players who use ‘end-game’ content, be it raiding or PvP, in a themepark. That topic then begs the question: what about all those who … Continue reading

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The best MMO content = the best MMO content

The measure of success when it comes to MMO content is surprisingly simple IMO (the longer the content holds your attention, the better), yet rarely mentioned much less accounted for directly. Both players and developers talk endlessly about many aspects … Continue reading

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The first rule of MMO club: You must continue to attend MMO club

Some good comments from my last two posts, so thanks to everyone who contributed. Amazing what writing a less-than-clear post or two does. (File that under blogger pro-tips kids). Rather than try to re-explain what I was trying to get … Continue reading

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The ever not-changing MMO genre

A second post based on a game I’ve never played or even know much about. You’re welcome. The reaction to Glitch closing has been interesting, and very telling about the MMO genre and the average/casual/whatever fan. If I had to … Continue reading

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Glitch was EVE without PvP?

Glitch is closing. I’ve never played the game, nor looked into it enough to really have an opinion, but if this is true: The game IMO is a 2D Eve without the PVP – instead of star systems you have … Continue reading

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How to look senile (FBW Thursday edition)

Former MMO blogger Tobold is having a rough year. First his EVE prediction is set to be confirmed as idiotic in just over a month, the industry has nothing for him to play and banished him back to the tabletop, … Continue reading

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Darkfall closes, DF:UW taunts

Darkfall 1 closing in style. Well played AV, well played. This new video about DF:UW is the best yet in terms of info and showing off the visuals. Pretty sure it made me hate the delay even more, but I … Continue reading

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Guess I will have time for the resist grind in GW2 after all

AV just being AV.

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