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Closing out 2013. 2014 predictions

2013 ends much like it began for the MMO genre, with a collective ‘meh’, and this blog overall has reflected that both in post volume and the number of posts about MMOs vs other games. My most played MMO this … Continue reading

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Clones making clones

Around this time of year, most blog authors will do year-end posts (hopefully I’ll get one up as well, but no promises), and I think a trend we will see this year was that 2013 was pretty blah for the … Continue reading

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And now some real dummies in action

Steam Winter sale is happening now, and Valve has tied the pointless-but-cracklike trading card system into the sale. Card prices have jumped as people chase nothingness. Fools! That said, my account just hit level 15, so I’ve got that going … Continue reading

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Smartest dummy I know

Jester is a bit of a weird bird (and I say that with upmost respect). On the one hand, he is that rare player that is worth hundreds if not thousands of subscriptions in EVE. He is exactly the type … Continue reading

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This perfectly sums up a few games

Favorite part was finding a fountain in a chest and placing it outside. What a pretty fountain it was. After that I lost interest. Not sure if there is more interesting stuff out there. – Fabrulana at TAGN SotA, EQNL, … Continue reading

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LotRO: Still creeping towards inevitability

Better hurry, LoTRO is selling lvl 50 characters ‘for a limited time’ everyone… Aside from “Lulz, LotRO”, the question I have is when will Turbine just fully embrace P2W for the game? They keep creeping towards it one update at … Continue reading

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BG1:EE complete, on to BG2:EE

I think I finally understand why people play through Baldur’s Gate multiple times. When the game initially came out in 1999 I played it, but at that time my hardware was such that it was pretty painful (oh those load … Continue reading

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Pillars of Eternity Gameplay Teaser

Hello :rapidly throws money at screen: Can something be Baldur’s Gate 3, but not be Baldur’s Gate 3, but yea, pretty much be Baldur’s Gate 3? Video says: Yes, yes it can.

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e-Sports growing pains

Quick non-MMO note for today. Recently Riot wanted to ban their professional players from showing/playing competing games on their streams. After some uproar, they have backed away from this somewhat. e-Sports are still in their infancy right now, but I … Continue reading

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SC: Developer deja vu

The 2013 Chris Roberts cult worship reminds me of 2006 Richard Garriott cult worship. If you look at their Wikipedia pages, their careers look amazingly similar. RG has Ultima, CR has Wing Commander. RG has Tabula Rasa, CR has Wing … Continue reading

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