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Closing out 2013. 2014 predictions

2013 ends much like it began for the MMO genre, with a collective ‘meh’, and this blog overall has reflected that both in post volume and the number of posts about MMOs vs other games. My most played MMO this … Continue reading

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Clones making clones

Around this time of year, most blog authors will do year-end posts (hopefully I’ll get one up as well, but no promises), and I think a trend we will see this year was that 2013 was pretty blah for the … Continue reading

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And now some real dummies in action

Steam Winter sale is happening now, and Valve has tied the pointless-but-cracklike trading card system into the sale. Card prices have jumped as people chase nothingness. Fools! That said, my account just hit level 15, so I’ve got that going … Continue reading

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Smartest dummy I know

Jester is a bit of a weird bird (and I say that with upmost respect). On the one hand, he is that rare player that is worth hundreds if not thousands of subscriptions in EVE. He is exactly the type … Continue reading

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This perfectly sums up a few games

Favorite part was finding a fountain in a chest and placing it outside. What a pretty fountain it was. After that I lost interest. Not sure if there is more interesting stuff out there. – Fabrulana at TAGN SotA, EQNL, … Continue reading

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LotRO: Still creeping towards inevitability

Better hurry, LoTRO is selling lvl 50 characters ‘for a limited time’ everyone… Aside from “Lulz, LotRO”, the question I have is when will Turbine just fully embrace P2W for the game? They keep creeping towards it one update at … Continue reading

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BG1:EE complete, on to BG2:EE

I think I finally understand why people play through Baldur’s Gate multiple times. When the game initially came out in 1999 I played it, but at that time my hardware was such that it was pretty painful (oh those load … Continue reading

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