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EVE: Day one reactions to Crucible, and another war for DiS

I feel that I greatly underestimated Crucible in terms of its overall impact on EVE (at least day-one impact), which is somewhat surprising to me since I watched all the dev videos and read all the blogs. I thought I … Continue reading

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Bobby does have a point…

When Bobby talks about generic themepark MMOs that might have trouble retaining players, he is speaking from experience here. I mean look, what’s more likely to get you to keep throwing $15 into a hole, dated-looking Pandas, or ten blaster … Continue reading

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MMO Expansions

It’s expansion day in EVE today, and Crucible sounds like it will get the game back to its winning ways. What’s interesting about Crucible is that it comes without a ‘killer app’ of a feature. Nothing that really jumps out … Continue reading

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Back from vacation

I find it very amusing that Trion has called their latest event currency a “unique snowflake”, considering the actual event sounds like a rehash of every other event. I’m laughing, but not WITH you Trion. I’m still playing a lot … Continue reading

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Blizzard announces new dev team for WoW

Odds of these guys producing another WotLK/Cata?

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EVE: Grind leads to greatness

I found a few comments interested related to the R&K video I posted last weekend. In particular, the mention of ‘grind’ related to getting into Nova. If getting into Nova was not ‘hard’, Nova would not be worth what it’s … Continue reading

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The real SW:TOR killer

First, how can SW:TOR be a WoW-killer when Cata already did the job? We should call it WoW-finisher instead, right? Sucks for Bioware that Blizzard beat them to the punch on that one. Second, and far more important, it sucks … Continue reading

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EVE: Losing the battle, ‘winning’ the war

My ‘war’ preview linked to my kill mail, and left people guessing at what happened. Pretty interesting to see people try to piece things together. Here is what actually happened. The war-dec was pulled back shortly after it was declared, … Continue reading

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EVE: Best 37 minutes of your weekend, possibly your year

Rooks and Kings: Clarion Call 3 It’s 37 minutes. Watch it. 100% totally worth it whether you play EVE or not. PS: That’s basically how PvP looks for me. Basically… PPS: I have no clue wtf was going on in … Continue reading

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EVE: War story preview


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