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LoL TFT: Gold rank and beyond

Quick Team Fight Tactics progress update: I hit gold recently and am now in Gold 2, with the expectation of hitting Plat ‘soon’. I’m also still very much enjoying the game, as my ‘games played’ clearly shows. As I mentioned … Continue reading

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LoL TFT: Ranked mode is here, as others derp about

First, surprise surprise that the olds and the bads are playing the derpy inferior version of Auto-Battlers. Get gud nubs! Meet me in the REAL game if you have the balls! Speaking of getting good, ranked queue is finally out … Continue reading

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Pathfinder: Kingmaker review

I picked up Pathfinder: Kingmaker during the Steam summer sale, after having the game on my wishlist for a while. When it originally came out, I figured the game was a second tier “Baldurs Gate-like” game compared to games like … Continue reading

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LoL: Teamfight Tactics is my new addiction

Riot recently released their version of an auto-battler game (the genre I believe started somewhat recently as a mod for DOTA2, called Autochess), and I have been playing it like crazy. It incredibly addicting, even in its early, still flawed … Continue reading

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