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Tell me if you have heard this one before

Another day, another F2P MMO talking about how many free accounts people have signed up for, with today being DDOs day in the sun. What separates DDO from the average F2P game however is that it’s not terrible, and that … Continue reading

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Interview with NEW leadership and DF Trial tips.

Over at his blog, Paragus Rants has put together a nice interview with clan NEW leadership about their general goals, and how best to take advantage of the new trial being offered in DarkFall. A good read for anyone … Continue reading

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DarkFall Trial: The day after.

So, who died to a goblin last night? From my somewhat brief trip around human lands and starter cities last night, I saw a good number of new (halo’ed) players, and the more global chat channels were a bit busier … Continue reading

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DarkFall Trial, for real.

Aventurine has announced that DarkFall now has a trial account option. It’s not a totally free account, as you will have to pay $1 (or euro) for 7 days of access, but that is a good step taken to prevent … Continue reading

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DarkFall: The voice of the vets and the sign of the noobs

It’s time to cover a few recent developments in DarkFall. The first is a rather excellent bit of work done by the community that can be found here. The website is a collection of ideas and changes the veterans of … Continue reading

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The concept of ‘easy’ in MMO land

A while back GameMonkey made this post, basically stating that “easy is fun”, and that easy is one of the keys to reaching the mass market. He later goes on to state in the comments that the easy version of … Continue reading

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F2P model in the US: Putting nails in its own coffin

Back in the early days of the “F2P revolution”, the biggest challenge for the average MMO gamer was trying so sift through the hundreds of terribad titles to find the one or two semi-decent (for a ‘free’ game) titles to … Continue reading

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The cash shop forest

Riddle me this: If no one spends money in the cash shop, does the cash shop exist? Because  aren’t you then left with just a free MMO where once again time (and if possible, player skill) are the only factors? … Continue reading

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Oh yes, I love crack – I’m absolutely coo coo for crack

Stupid life set to be ruined in the Fall of 2010. Thanks again Sid, you damn crack-peddling bastard! Hex-based and a new engine, who do you think you are, a gaming god?!? Tip to Darren.

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Dear EuroGamer, this is how you do it.

In a shocking development, a game reviewer tries to pass off a half-assed review of a smaller title and slams it for lulz, only to have that niche community call him out on it. The true shocker here of course … Continue reading

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