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Old nightmares still haunt some people.

Dear Lum, Some of us remember the torment that was pre-trammies UO for you. You got killed, ganked, decapitated, harassed, etc. People called you fat, and a picture of you ‘leaked’ out and was the source of entertainment for many. … Continue reading

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Well I screwed something up…

While editing the CSS for this blog, I changed… something… to make the header image disappear. Anyone have any idea wtf I could have changed to do this? The only change I made was editing the sidebar color. Is this … Continue reading

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Congress: QQ more noobz

“We have legislation here now with the money to do something about the schools, do something about water and sewage along that corridor in these 12 counties. And now the governor says, ‘I don’t want to accept the money.’ That’s … Continue reading

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The highs and lows of RvR, a worthwhile tradeoff

WAR RvR is one frustrating bastard, and I’m not talking about city PQs, scenarios, or why the layout of T4 zones sucks/rocks. It’s frustrating because when everything aligns and you get the right (not even) number of Destruction and Order … Continue reading

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Shocker, MMO questing sucks.

Having gone back (again) to TES Oblivion, its once again painful how bad questing is in MMOs. When you compare the best quests from your favorite MMO, and you look at some of the better quests in a game like … Continue reading

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The iPhone app store = the MMO space?

I found this article about iPhone apps interesting, especially from an MMO fans perspective, as I believe the study is a good reflection of society as a whole right now. In short, lots of initial interest followed by near immediate … Continue reading

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Great Darkfall preview

I guess it’s not vaporware after all :) I found this to be the best Darkfall write-up to date, as it’s written by someone with clear UO/AC experience, and that’s really the core audience DF is aiming for. While I’ve … Continue reading

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Aldorf must burn: Destructions first city siege on Monolith.

Monolith saw its first siege of Aldorf last night, and I’m happy to report members of Casualties played a key roll. The unplanned nature of the event, and how smooth the execution was towards the end really encouraged everyone on … Continue reading

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Long list of SOE hate.

Can someone explain to me why some people think SOE is going to push the MMO genre forward? I keep hearing about how SOE is the company that is going to finally get us out of the WoW-too rut the … Continue reading

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The need for alts in WAR, and back to Oblivion

Perhaps it’s just me, but I don’t think oRvR is something I can do day-in, day-out as my main MMO activity. Not because oRvR is subpar or poorly designed, but because it just takes more out of you as a … Continue reading

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