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TW: Warhammer -What saving the world really gets you

Quick little ‘news’ report out of TW: Warhammer. As the Vampire Counts, I had finally eliminated the Empire, capturing the capital city of Altdorf. This was possible in some part because the forces of Chaos were running wild in the … Continue reading

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Total War: Warhammer Review

Total War: Warhammer is, IMO, simply the best version of Total War yet, and by a considerable margin at that. It’s an excellent strategy game, its an incredible use of the Warhammer IP, and it fixes so many of the … Continue reading

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Fallout 4: Survival mode thoughts

With the release of Far Harbor, I’ve started up a new game of Fallout 4 on the newish Survivor difficulty. I haven’t made it beyond the first starter quest for Far Harbor, but I have seen enough of Survivor mode … Continue reading

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EVE: The hardcore and casual partnership

Too often we talk about hardcore vs casual players in an MMO from a content perspective. Raiding is for the hardcore, the main quest must be casual, form X of PvP is hardcore, form Y is casual, etc. How you … Continue reading

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EVE: New player experience, done Goon-right

According to ‘sources‘, 51% of all new EVE player quit within the first 2 hours. I suspect that two hour timeframe is generous, as my guess would be a lot actually quit sooner. If you go into the game totally … Continue reading

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EVE: On the board

No big deal, just first combat in 4 years and kill shotting like a bitter vet. Edit: Victory short lived, next engagement enemy went for the big target (me) and pop I go. Good times!

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EVE:Grunt work

Undocks do happen in the Imperium! Our current actions, of which I now understand about 5% of, feel very much like trench warfare. We grind to gain an inch, the enemy grinds back to retake it, and on we go. … Continue reading

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EVE: If the shoe fits

In two hours I was part of the ‘end-game’ in EVE Online. In two hours and about fifteen minutes, I was pretty mad at myself for waiting this long to return to EVE. I also have a dozen blog posts … Continue reading

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EVE: SynCaine is back among the stars

I’ve resubbed my main account in EVE Online. Yup. A few reasons for this. One being that I don’t see another MMO coming anytime soon that will take up my time. Crowfall alpha is happening, and I do fire that … Continue reading

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EVE: Another example of making ISK the smart way

These kinds of stories are what make EVE so unique. A smart individual doing something of note to make some serious ISK without having to play ten accounts 24/7 hauling junk between stations. These are the people who get news … Continue reading

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