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Payday the right way, DF:UW boats, ESO beta

Random bits on a Friday. Payday 2 received a nice free update recently, adding a new difficulty level to every heist and two new enemies, among other changes. The game continues to be another good example of how to support … Continue reading

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Fail and try again, succeed and move on

“Few people go back to content that was trivially easy; most people repeat content they failed the first time.” – Zubon I believe the above is true on average. Yes, some people rage-quit instantly, while others love nothing more than … Continue reading

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So is $60 the price point for skipping 9 years of content now? What tremendous value they place on their product.

Title stole from TAGN commenter Asmiroth, because it sums up my feelings on this whole thing. Congrats, you are paying more to have less content. Or, in the situation where you want to play with all your lvl 90 friends … Continue reading

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Themeparks: PvP is the filler between the cracks

Wilhelm is asking if an MMO must contain PvP. It’s actually a more interesting question when you really thing about it, especially if you limit the discussion to themeparks (the answer for sandboxes has its own tab on this blog). … Continue reading

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Pathfinder Online: How low is acceptable?

The newest Pathfinder Online video is out, and um… yikes. I’ve said here before that I like a lot of the ideas Pathfinder has behind it. On paper, a lot of things that I believe make a sandbox work they … Continue reading

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DF:UW – A return to siege action

I took part in my first siege since returning to DF:UW last night, and good times were had. The siege was over an ally’s hamlet, and the enemy included my old clan the Old Timers Guild, so it was fun … Continue reading

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Banished Review

Banished is a title I’ve mentioned here a few times, and it was finally released yesterday. Spoiler alert: I love the game. To quickly cover some basics; Banished is a city building game set in a non-historic medieval setting. You … Continue reading

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DF:UW – If everyone had diamonds

As previously noted, Darkfall: Unholy Wars took a huge step towards becoming a sustainable sandbox with the recent increase in gear loss from PvP. As some have asked, I don’t know if it’s enough, but it’s certainly a start, and … Continue reading

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DF:UW – So you’re saying theres a chance…

Added 10% durability hit (on item Max Durability), on all equipped items when the player gets ganked. /Smug PS: Resubbed.  

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ESO: Prediction forming is at 85%

This article over at Massively by Larry Everett mirrors a lot of my most recent experience with the ESO beta, in that the first area is 100% linear, the second feels like a typical themepark zone, and the third feels … Continue reading

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