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Adding more paid content to League of Legends

I saw a thread today on the LoL boards from Riot asking whether players would be ok with paying for additional features for the game. The thinking behind this was that if they are paid features, Riot can hire more … Continue reading

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Swing and a Miss: Dice or You?

The somewhat recent re-launch of EGM magazine has, so far, delivered. The new quarterly version contains more interviews and ‘blog-like’ content than just a slew of preview and review sales hype (though it still has some of that as well), … Continue reading

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PAX East 2011

PAX 2011 is still a few months away, but I picked up two 3 day passes yesterday just to ensure availability. I foolishly missed PAX 2010 and ended up regretting it, so that same mistake won’t be made in 2011. … Continue reading

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Civilization V : The flaws

As I said before, Civilization V is a phenomenal improvement to an already incredible series, and any fan of TBS games should already have it. But with that said, it’s by no means perfect, and outright lacking in some areas … Continue reading

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Removing player skill crits you for 1.034%

Put this one under “accessible” benefits please. WoW dev Ghostcrawler is wondering why the meta game in WoW includes (or excludes, depending on who you ask) a large section of the player base, and more or less defines the culture … Continue reading

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Civilization V : City States

City States are one of the major additions to Civilization V, and during my initial playthrough I found them to be slightly more than gimmicks used to ‘populate’ the world. In my current game they are invaluable, and really add … Continue reading

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Civilization V Review

Is the sun up already? And what day is it… This review is based on having played 800 or so turns over roughly 12-15 hours. In other words, a lifetime++ in EuroGamer years. In that time I’ve finished one game … Continue reading

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Civilization V is out!

A full (non-EG) review should be up either Thursday or Friday. Until then I’ll be in the command center for the next 48hrs+. Chuck-o-the-day: Chuck has already beaten Civ V on Deity.

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Battle over the crown to the fail kingdom!

Colossal wall of fail text crits you for over 9000. Man where to start. First and foremost, one would think someone would try to distance themselves from a pile of utter fail instead of trying to take credit for every … Continue reading

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Welcome to ELO hell

I’m going to preface this post with a little back history about Boink/Paragus and his approach to League of Legends for anyone not fortunate enough to experience it personally. You see if everything played out like Boink predicts, we would … Continue reading

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