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Are Clash of Clans and Boom Beach MMOs?

This is mostly just food for thought, and spoiler answer: No, but its real close. To really answer this question, you first have to ask yourself what you value most in an MMO, and how many of those factors does … Continue reading

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Time Warp – D:OS thoughts

Welcome to the newest feature for the blog (which means this will be the only time it is used); where I blog about an older game you have either already played or have no interest in playing. Should be really … Continue reading

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Who are these people spending money on Fallout Shelter?

Fallout Shelter is doing rather well. Actually, it’s doing amazingly well considering the game is fully, 100% playable for free, to the point that spending money on it is almost counter-productive. Not bad for a throw-in title to help everyone … Continue reading

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Fun vs Reward

Designing MMO content is, IMO, far different than designing gaming content, primarily because MMO content has to last, while other gaming content has to be as fun as possible. It may sound odd, but I don’t think you should try … Continue reading

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CoC: TH9 Tactics

(Write-up by Delpez) Our recent wars have shown something quite clearly: Clash of Clans is a game of skill, and the gap between skilled and unskilled is large. Two weeks ago we warred in a complete mismatch. Our opponents had … Continue reading

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Darkest Dungeon Review

Darkest Dungeon is kicking my ass. A lot of games are billed as being brutally hard or difficult, but few make that experience as enjoyable as this game. I’ve said before I’m not a huge rogue-like fan, and while DD … Continue reading

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SW:TOR – Good enough to be a sub MMO again?

Two observations about the ‘big’ SW:TOR expansion announcement (based only on reading Rohan mostly, since lulz actually playing SW:TOR): Bit early to call SW:TOR trying to save itself here as it going the FFXIV route. FFXIV isn’t special in so … Continue reading

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Fallout Shelter and Fallout 4 additional thoughts

Let’s talk Fallout Shelter first. For a free game (and it is free, as buying extra boxes is truly a dummy trap to skip playing the game, nothing more), its not bad, and certainly worth downloading and messing around with. … Continue reading

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Fallout 4 info and the mobile game

As most of us predicted, given it was up for pre-order on Steam, Fallout 4 is coming later this year. The full 2+ hour E3 presentation can be seen here (talking starts at 26min, Fallout 4 around 1hr), and you … Continue reading

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Darkest Dungeon mini-review

Darkest Dungeon is absolutely kicking my ass. Some times things turn ugly on the first run, before I even open the various buildings. Either I’m doing something (a lot of things) wrong, or the game is just brutal. Fun game … Continue reading

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