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Guild Wars: Some plus and minus observations

As Aria and I have been slowly (level 7 atm) making our way through Guild Wars NightFall, a few things jump out as talking point. I’m still having a good time overall with the game, Aria is 50/50 with it … Continue reading

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MMO: It’s not a game

First, it must be really fun to be this good at DarkFall. Quality stuff as always Umberto. Oh and don’t mind the creepy girl right at the beginning, this is an actual DF PvP vid of high quality. Personal jealousy … Continue reading

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Character progression: Why SW:TOR is DOA

The style and impact of character progression is an issue that every MMO must consider, and it’s an issue that far too often is misunderstood by many players (and devs for that matter). The concept of ‘the grind’ is heavily … Continue reading

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Just another DarkFall weekend

For a ‘dead’ PvP area, Ruby sure does see a lot of action. From getting attacked while farming, attacking others already farming, and solo and group raids on Ghana, it’s tough to go for an extended amount of time without … Continue reading

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Defining dynamic

Talk about dynamic events has been somewhat constant since ArenaNet shared information about the idea, with KTR posting some new comments, Tobold and Keen putting posts up, and on this blog I put my own thoughts down on the subject … Continue reading

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An offer not even worth refusing

Dear internet advertising people, Offering me $10 to advertise on my blog is not a very tempting proposition. You see, I’ve already earned more in the time it took me to read your email than what you are offering, and … Continue reading

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The not-so-dynamic events in GW2

My original idea for today’s post was to take a pre-release description of Warhammer’s Public Quests, replace mentions of WAR with Guild Wars 2 and PQs with Dynamic Events. Then laziness kicked in, so you are just going to have … Continue reading

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