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Returning to Middle Earth.

Having hit 70 in WoW, and with Kara raiding being a once a week event currently, some gaming time has opened up for the gf and I. Since we had to stop playing LoTRO due to a technical issue and … Continue reading

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Wearing your sunday dress on mondays.

As my head is still spinning in full PvP mode, I realized most games, and perhaps most MMO gamers, ignore a potentially very interesting gameplay mechanic, which I will refer to (very likely unoriginally) as the ‘Sunday dress’ mechanic. In … Continue reading

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Understanding what makes PvP tick.

Watching people react to all the new info about AoC’s PvP model has been rather entertaining, while also frustrating and somewhat surprising. PvP seems to be an idea that most people ‘think’ they love in an MMO, but when you … Continue reading

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Nerd rage at it’s best/worst?

Nerd on nerd crime It’s funny in a sad way I guess… But do we really need one nerd faction calling another nerd faction out? Can’t we just keep it to console vs comp, or casual vs hardcore? Do we … Continue reading

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Camping for a beta spot… no thanks.

Open beta does not mean what it use to in the MMO world. Back in the day, open beta for an MMO was not a big deal, and for the most part was quite similar to the most recent closed … Continue reading

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Age of Conan, not-so-open beta.

FilePlanet has the AoC beta, sorta… They seem to run out of keys within seconds of posting a batch, which is a sweet way of jacking up their page refresh rate. Good job… I’ll have a nice rant up about … Continue reading

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PvP theorycraft, and the lessons MMOs need to learn.

Playing as much DoTA as I have lately, it’s got me thinking about the general idea of PvP, and why most MMOs can’t seem to get it right. We have seen what happens when you make it too extreme in … Continue reading

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