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Rift Review (EG Style)

Two days, two ‘reviews’ :snicker:, I spoil you guys! I like the graphic style of Rift. It’s high fantasy, but it has enough of those little details to not make it totally forgettable. Bonus points for all the graphical options … Continue reading

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MMO PvP: Never fair and balanced

Comment that caught my attention over at Massively, from Jef’s excellent Soapbox piece about RP and FFA PvP: “It isn’t PVP because it is never fair and balanced.” A lot of layers to that one line. For starters, what defines … Continue reading

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Yet more proof that Darkfall > EQ2

Man among boys. Taking candy from a baby. Darkfall vs EQ2. In a shock to no one, a Darkfall player dominates a league full of EQ2 carebears, stomping them until the very end, and looting their precious shiny off their … Continue reading

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Darkfall pro-tip: Don’t panic noob

I was farming elfwraiths with one member of Flying V recently on Yssam, trying to build up our supply of portal shards. I was heavy-armor geared, he was light, and I had brought a transmuted two-handed firesword for kicks (its … Continue reading

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Civ V, The Witcher, M&B:W, and Rift beta

Some random notes for today: Played two games of the scenario included in the first DLC for Civilization V, very entertaining. It’s rather short (limited to 100 turns), somewhat easy (the other sides don’t play with the sense of urgency … Continue reading

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How is the #1 WoW blogger not the #1 blog?

Clearly the massive carebears at… Massively made an error here, but somehow I’m only #7 on their list of top bloggers. Haters gonna hate I guess, but at least I beat TAGN. And as if more evidence was needed, it … Continue reading

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WoW slain by Blizzard. Time to pick up the crown.

Since about 2006 people have been predicting that the next big MMO would be a ‘WoW killer’ pre-release. Those people were all wrong, every assassination attempt has failed, and WoW still sits on the throne. Until Cata that is. Now … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl on sale

As some have already mentioned, Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition is on sale today on Steam. It’s a great game if you enjoy turn-based strategy titles, and our league is going strong. I’d say with this sale, it’s a good time … Continue reading

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Rift’s biggest issue? The hype

Has anyone seen anyone post about Rift? So hard to get info about that game… I kid, and of course, I myself wrote about it yesterday, so pot kettle black blablabla. Head over to Virgin Worlds to find the latest … Continue reading

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Rift talky talk

The Rift NDA is down, Syp has a nice write-up. As expected, the rift system is WAR’s PQ system but more. I think the make or break for Rift will be just how big that ‘more’ really is. Opinions about … Continue reading

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