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Why a hip-hop based MMO is genius

At first glance one might dismiss this gem of an idea and logically conclude that the overlap between hip-hop fans and MMO players is rather slim. You might also be thinking “wtf does rap music have to do with grinding … Continue reading

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Warhammer: New live event starts soon.

This looks rather interesting, as it’s sounds like a mix of PvP and PvE, plus an event-only dungeon sounds fun. I’m very curious how they will scale the new dungeon for all tiers, and wonder if this ‘test’ works out, … Continue reading

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Warhammer Online: The oRvR/Scenario tug-of-war

The topic of whether scenarios in Warhammer Online do more to harm the game than help/enhance it has been debated a few times already, but with the recent server mergers and overall increase in server population, I think it might … Continue reading

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DarkFall: Don’t worry, that review won’t be around for long

Sorry for the lack of posts around here of late; a bad blogging combo of work being very busy and nothing really jumping out at me in terms of topics. Hopefully both situations resolve themselves soon. One side-bonus to a … Continue reading

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Gaming Progress Report: WAR, DarkFall, and some Blood Bowl.

Some random Friday updates today, as I don’t have anything major to talk about. In an odd way, the last few days have been an ‘all good’ type of deal in Syn’s MMO land. Happy times lead to less blogging … Continue reading

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DarkFall: Quick look at player-housing Villages

Last night while out exploring I came across a Village, one of the new areas added with the last expansion that supports player housing. This particular village was unclaimed, and had yet to have a house built on any of … Continue reading

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DarkFall: Might as well call it a WoW-clone now.

I noticed two disturbing signs of ‘polish’ in DarkFall last night. First, the tooltip for starter weapons now indicates you won’t gain skill ups while using them. Second, when you now link a magic item in trade chat, it not … Continue reading

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DarkFall: EuroGamer is here to make us laugh yet again. 4/10 style this time.

As others have pointed out, the bastion of journalistic integrity, Eurogamer, has another DarkFall review up. It seems since release, DarkFall is now 100% better in the ever-virtuous eyes of EG, funny how that works… To quickly summerize the four … Continue reading

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DarkFall: Much improved, and still great

Dear DarkFall: I’m sorry I doubted you, or considered not playing on the NA server. I was wrong. My bad. Seriously though, the last patch has improved a ton of stuff, and overall the game is still great fun. More … Continue reading

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WAR: Solid core with pieces of suck, but is there any hope?

Out of all the recent MMOs I’ve played or been playing, by far the most frustrating one is Warhammer Online. Not because of anything related to bugs, crashes, or features/ui stuff, but because of how much the game changes from … Continue reading

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