WoW Classic: Already feeling the reduced difficulty

Blog is not dead, just less attended. Such is life. Anyway, this post over at TAGN, which links to a video about Classic WoW, has inspired a post here. Remember when we had lots of good active blogs and this happened often? Blog nostalgia!

In WoW Classic right now our group is going through the 1-60 game again before we head into Outland content, but experiencing the ‘re-tuned’ dungeons that happened at some point via patch. We are only mid 20s so have only seen the first 4 dungeons (did BFD most recently), but even now the difference between launch-day WoW and whatever patch changed the dungeon levels is noticeable. They are just easier, with all mobs in the dungeon being 1-2 levels apart, and that makes them less interesting. And that, IMO, sums up WoW fading away for me in a nutshell; each patch/update felt like it made the game easier, which ultimately made it less interesting.

To go back to the video, I think some of that is either implied or alluded to. It starts with everything feeling new BUT also worthwhile and important. But as the game went on, the ‘sparkle’ was increased by Blizzard yet the core magic fades away. To me even the small changed between launch-day Classic and the version we have now with TBC is evidence of that. When you go into a dungeon at level or slightly below and are never in any true danger of wiping, that’s bad. And while we wiped less in Classic then back in Vanilla because of better PCs and general game knowledge, we still did wipe on some dungeons when Classic first game out. We have yet to do so in the revamped dungeons.

I’m curious how things go as we continue with the core content and then into TBC. Will we continue to stomp everything or will the normal struggle return at some point?

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  1. You can feel the tension between wanting to still have classic and wanting people to be able to get up into the current content even with only TBC active. The whole path through classic is smoother. The changes are small enough that a lot of it feels right. The additional quests for the solo path to 60 help, and I recall that one of the dungeons got repositioned a couple levels lower to fill in a gap in the progression. But, in hindsight, it is also a clear warning as to where things might be heading.

    The old world dungeons remain pretty good until Cataclysm, when the introduction of Dungeon Finder meant that there could be no 5 person dungeon content that took more than an hour… which ended up meaning 15-30 minutes tops if even one person in your group knew what they were doing.

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