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Tyranny – Spells and story

More Tyranny musings for today. Spell Mechanics: Being able to customize spells is a major feature in Tyranny. In my first game I didn’t do a lot with it, mostly because my main character wasn’t a spellcaster, so I just … Continue reading

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Tyranny review

Note: This review is going to talk heavily about the story, including the ending, of Tyranny, so if you don’t want any of it spoiled, best to skip this post. I’ve beaten Tyranny once, in about 30 hours, and I … Continue reading

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Gevlon has promised to delete his blog

To quote the batshit insane one himself: “So no more pundit trying to explain how he was right while everything he predicted was wrong” Now where will the world go for tackle titan fits, how to get scammed by TEST, … Continue reading

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Tyranny – Getting the hang of evil

I mentioned before that one of my worries about Tyranny was whether playing the ‘bad guy’ would feel as good as playing the more traditional role of the good guy in an RPG, and how that would all be handled. … Continue reading

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EVE:Still not actually F2P, but feel free to be lazy

Today the unlimited trial accounts hit EVE. Or, if you just like using terms without actually considering meaning behind the words (Hi P2W), EVE is now ‘free to play’. Lets talk about that shall we? A simple question first. Can … Continue reading

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Beholder review

Note: I received a full copy of Beholder to review. Beholder is a weird game. On the surface, its a game where you are a building manager of an apartment in a fictional dictatorship, charged with the task of spying … Continue reading

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The 2016 season of LoL is a wrap

The 2016 season of League of Legends has ended, and the 2017 preseason is now live. I played less LoL in 2016 than prior years (just a little over 100 ranked games in 2016), and didn’t really follow the meta … Continue reading

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Random Friday Rambles 11/4/16

Random Friday ramblings incoming. Our clan in Clash of Clans (Supreme Cream!) hit level 10 after our last war. This is a rather big deal because now when we donate troops they get increased by two levels rather than one, … Continue reading

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Tyranny -Finding the fun in being bad

Tyranny, the next RPG from Obsidian (makers of Pillars of Eternity) is coming out Nov 11th and I’m cautiously optimistic about it. On the one hand, I trust Obsidian to make a quality RPG, and PoE was amazing. On the … Continue reading

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