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FFXIV: 4 million ‘registered accounts’

Square Enix, in announcing 4m players, continues to troll all of us with their use of the term ‘registered accounts‘ in a world where F2P exists and the Turbines of the world announce number of characters created as an example … Continue reading

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CoC: Supreme Cream! vs Red Scorpion 2/25/2015

(Stats and writeup by Delpez) Supreme Cream! vs. Red Scorpion Brilliant war, with the result in the balance right until the end (literally, according to the log seven attacks were completed after time ran out!) The clans were equal in … Continue reading

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Reserved for future laughs

Tobold being Tobold, and while this isn’t “CCP is going bankrupt this year” levels of deep thinking and expert analysis, still worth making note of for later. Going to put the full text after the break in case Tobold goes … Continue reading

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CoC: Who wants more war?

CoC released an update today, focused around clan wars. Clans can now gain XP, with perks unlocking as you go. There are also a number of ‘quality of life’ changes like being able to opt-out of a war. This post … Continue reading

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Crowfall: The MMO genre is a niche market

Don’t you wish someone :cough: could have said in the past that Fantasy EVE would be something a few people might be interested in? Bet that guy’s blog is an awesome read… Self-pats aside, the Crowfall Kickstarter is live, and … Continue reading

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What is success or failure in the MMO genre?

The words success and failure are tossed around often when talking about MMOs on blogs, especially here. And usually, someone will ask for a definition of success/failure, so here goes. Note that this ONLY applies to MMOs, not games in … Continue reading

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How many lies are Smed and company going to tell before they all finally cash out?

The slow and public execution of EQN continues. But don’t worry, dumping the software to help you make “strong AI” doesn’t mean you aren’t committed to “strong AI” huh? What’s next, firing the art team but reassuring all the fans … Continue reading

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