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Noob lessons in EVE, long weekend of goodness.

I got my first Cruiser a few days ago, a shiny new Caracal. Having been on some level 4 missions with my Corp, I picked up some fittings off the wrecks, and after a bit of shopping, the Caracal was … Continue reading

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This is the world largest blog with the title ‘Hardcore Casual’ *

LoTRO recently announced a 7 day free trial (good) and that they have ‘4 million characters’. (stupid) Why anyone today would report the number of characters their game has is beyond me, unless you want to compete with the awesome … Continue reading

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Mario Strikers Charged

I’ve been playing Mario Strikers Charge casually the last few weeks, both online and off. It’s a cartoon take on soccer featuring various characters from the Mario world (only Mario though, not the entire Nintendo roster) performing over-the-top moves on … Continue reading

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Micro transactions hate the hardcore player.

Payment options in MMOs have been fairly consistent since the release of UO, you pay a set amount of money per month, and you are granted unlimited access to the games servers and all its features. A current ‘hot topic’ … Continue reading

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LoTRO heat, and EVE missions.

Quick note about LoTRO before I go into my latest EVE adventures; for whatever reason, LoTRO likes to overheat my computer, resulting in graphic artifacting and eventually a complete crash that results in the comp restarting itself. I have a … Continue reading

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On Tap.

With my Corp (Milk in a Bag) planning a little low sect trading mission soon, I’m eagerly waiting for my Learning skills to finish up so I can start training towards a Caldari Moa and increasing my combat effectiveness overall. … Continue reading

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Going the distance

Going to rip CrazyKinux today and follow his post by linking a good interview about EVE here. While a bit short, one question in particular brings up a good point about MMOs in general. Me: You mentioned there being a … Continue reading

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