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The MMO dark age is ending

Former MMO blogger Tobold (I still say I won that bet) is polling his readers about how long it takes them to hop in/out of an MMO. It’s a funny read as usual, especially the comments. A comment a made … Continue reading

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David Reid hates themeparks

Via JesterTrek, RPS has an interview from CCP CEO Hilmar Petrusson and new CMO David Reid about EVE, Dust 514, and other stuff. Nothing terribly interesting in terms of details, but I was fully entertained by Reid’s rather obvious hate for themeparks … Continue reading

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Blogging is srs bsns

This is one of those “it’s a comment but it’s too long so it becomes a post” deals, in response to Keen’s post about hype/excitement. I’m likely near the top of people who have criticized or at least taken a … Continue reading

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EVE: The loot goes out FIRST!

I feel like it’s been forever since I did an INQ-E update, and some interesting stuff has happened. Overall the Corp is progressing forward, with our more veteran players hitting their stride and new pilots continuing to sign up. Let’s … Continue reading

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SW:TOR is the most entertaining MMO of 2012

Oh the game sucks. We all know that. But this is without a doubt the most entertaining and hilarious thing I have read all week. (hat-tip Massively) “You can tell when things are going really well in the game,” Zeschuk … Continue reading

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GW2’s perfect storm

Ah back to blogging. Odd how even a few days away gets me twitching. I have an EVE update post coming, but wanted to get these GW2-based thoughts out first. Queues in GW2 WvW: Honestly it’s the second best solution, … Continue reading

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Small fish in a big pond

Assuming he sticks with the game, Gevlon will likely have a very different take on this post in three months than he does now. You’re not in Azeroth anymore buddy, and while EVE certainly has its fair share of weaker … Continue reading

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GW2: The best epeen measuring stick yet?

The more I think about it, the more I like the server ‘matchmaking/ELO’ aspect that Guild Wars 2 has announced. Instead of just coordinating what server your guild is going to be playing on, larger communities can now do this. … Continue reading

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GW2 WvWvW – The new Alterac Valley!

This looks familiar. Three-way Alterac Valley that persists for two weeks, with an ELO system and DAoC relics/keeps. Not that the above is bad. God knows we have seen far worse attempts at MMO PvP (Hi WAR/AoC/Aion). Maxing out at … Continue reading

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Great games are not great MMOs

I’ve often commented that I believe a part of WoW’s success was a perfect storm scenario. I’d like to add one additional factor to that formula: My-First-MMO-ness. For many MMO gamers, WoW was their first title. This is a very … Continue reading

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