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MMO Future: Understanding old memories

Almost all of the original MMOs worked. UO, EQ1, AC1, DAoC; all of those games had solid populations and growth in their prime. In contrast, most of the recent MMOs (AoC, WAR, LotR, SW:TOR, Aion, Rift, etc) have not. Either … Continue reading

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I’ll just answer my own challenge

I’m currently semi-addicted to Steam trading cards and leveling up my Steam account. Why? Because I’m an idiot. F2P ALL THE WAY! PS: If you are not into the cards, please send one or all to me and we can … Continue reading

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F2P challenge, still waiting

Last week I asked F2P fans to comment/post on why the F2P model for an MMO is better for both devs and players. I’m still waiting…

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MMO Future: Suits and timebombs

A lot of good back and forth dialog happened yesterday, which you should go read if you haven’t. Thanks go out to Brian (Psychochild) Green for putting up more of a fight than the hotbar salesmen from SW:TOR. I’d like … Continue reading

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People of F2P MMOs

Nope. First, can we stop linking to that 2011 LotRO announcement of how great it’s doing? Please link to the 2013 “still doing great” announcement. Same goes for DDO. Last I heard, Turbine was releasing a response to in-game protests … Continue reading

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Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes mini review

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes was on my Steam wishlist since release, and recently went on a 75% sale so of course was picked up. Initially I was a bit meh on it because at first glance, is almost the same … Continue reading

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MMO future: Social baseline

At the time of its release, WoW was criticized for not bringing much to the MMO genre, and simply being a refined EverQuest. Refining someone else’s idea was, after all, how Blizzard made a name for themselves originally. In 2004, … Continue reading

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All in

One point I didn’t see made when we were talking about Warhammer Online (notably I read about 3 blogs about it, so if I missed this someone post a link); I think it was the last MMO to launch where … Continue reading

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Waiting for the future

I remember in the early/mid 90s going into Boston to a ‘gaming café’ and playing a very primitive shooter game in a virtual reality setup. You got into a raised circular area with waist-high padded bumper rails, put on some … Continue reading

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The case for expansions

The recent lack of Darkfall posts is due, surprise, to an overall lack of playing DF lately. It’s moved from a game I played daily to something I put a few hours into a week, which in turn moves me … Continue reading

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