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EVE: Required reading

CCP dev blog about the longest and one of the largest battles in MMO history. If you consider yourself an MMO fan, consider it required reading, start to finish. A few quick notes: CCP gets it. Not only does the … Continue reading

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ESO CE: Racist

The only pay-to-play (beyond, um… having to pay for the box and the sub…) race in ESO will be Imperials, found ‘only’ in the collectors edition. Imperials are the ‘white people’ of ESO. So if you pay extra, you get … Continue reading

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Economy: Sinks, as only EVE can do them

So this happened. 3 TRILLION ISK. Edit: Make that 11 trillion. I’m sure in a few hours/days you will see fully detailed reports, not to mention wildly inaccurate crap from the now-reliable sources, but yea, only EVE with this kind … Continue reading

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So McQuaid it hurts

I have a feeling SOE shutting down a bunch of “F2P ALL TEH WAY!” titles is going to lead to a lot of blogging gold, especially things like this nugget: Brad MqcQuaid, who made the now dead Vanguard and is … Continue reading

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This is what I’m working with…

Per ForumFall: EVE online is a hybrid theme park game with the biggest safe zone of any pvp mmo ever in existence. EVE has sandbox elements that are manifested in 0.0 space where alliances can drop permanent stations that can … Continue reading

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SOE: Still a one-hit wonder

Shocking. SOE continuing to show that if you get one MMO right (EQ1), you can basically screw up everything for the next decade and still be ok. But don’t worry SWG fans, SOE is working on a title just for … Continue reading

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The basics of RUST, and it’s lessons for the MMO genre

If many recent MMOs are 3-month titles, a game like RUST is a one-monther. Now, before you start raging, that’s not an outright ‘bad’ thing; many games aren’t design for prolonged play, and that’s perfectly fine. Unless, you know, your … Continue reading

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iPhone time: Clash of Clans

If you watch TV I’m guessing you have seen the ad for Clash of Clans. I’ll admit I think the ad is pretty clever/cute, enough so that I decided to download the game on my iPhone (and also because CoC … Continue reading

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F2P All The WAY! doing it big again

Whale Hunting! Funny story, and yet again provides some nice insight into just who the F2P MMO business model is going after; it’s not about getting little Billy to spend a buck no matter how many times a hotbar salesmen … Continue reading

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Rust is not an MMO

Picked up Rust to play with some friends. So far (2 days in) it’s fun. Alright killed someone and had them rage in global, and yes, it’s ‘that type of game’. I also think Rust is a perfect example of … Continue reading

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