Clash of Clans Info

This page is the ‘home’ of “Supreme Cream!”, the Clash of Clans group I lead. Below is a collection of info, tips, and related posts, enjoy!

5/31/2016 Edit: We are still very active, check the clan to see if a spot is open!

Clan war basic math: Every clan member has only one base, but gets two attacks. This means, in a perfect scenario, that if everyone uses their first attack to 3-star the matching enemy base, we get a perfect score and still have half our attacks remaining. Now of course that’s likely to never happen, but it’s important to keep the numbers in mind when picking targets and doing what’s best for the clan to win our war.

The first and most important thing: You should always, always aim to three-star when you attack, especially your first attack. Think of it this way, if you only score 1-2 stars, that’s likely a wasted attack, as someone else will need to attack that base to get the 3rd star anyway. This likely means hitting bases a little below your level, which is fine. Remember everyone gets two attacks but only one base, and a 3-star attack is never a ‘waste’. That said don’t aim too low, especially if you are a higher-level member of the clan, as that will prevent our lower members from being able to contribute. When in doubt, ask in clan chat before attacking.

Attack order: Ideally this would be from the bottom up, meaning the clan’s lowest member attacks first, all the way up to our highest. Again in reality that won’t happen, but if you are a higher level and can wait to let others attack first, that’s a plus.

If you are a lower level member, feel free to use your second attack if you think you can score a 3-star as soon as possible. Doing so will allow our higher levels to focus on higher targets without the need to ‘clean up’ lower level bases that have stars left. If you don’t think you can 3 star another base, hold off on your attack rather than ‘waste’ it getting 1-2 stars on a base you can’t realistically expect to 3-star.

Clan troops can make or break an attack, especially at lower levels since our high-level members can provide you with max-level units. Always factor this in when putting an attack together. There should NEVER be a clan attack without clan troops, and using “anything” for your request is also a waste. When asking for clan troops, be specific. Saying “clan war troops” doesn’t help the higher levels provide you with the best possible addition to your army.

Army composition: In terms of army composition, there are primarily two viable options prior to town hall 8; giants/healers or dragons. If you can only get 15 clan troops into your castle, asking for a clan healer and going giants/healer is your best bet. If you can get 20, a max-level dragon will be a big help to an all-dragon attack.

For giants/healer armies, the most important factor is drawing out enemy defenders before dropping your giants. If you fail at this your attack is going to go horribly wrong. My suggestion for dealing with defenders is to use archers/wizards once you have lured the defenders away from city defenses. Simply drop your units in a circle around the enemy wizards/dragon, make sure they die, and drop your giants. Lighting isn’t great as it can’t kill wizard or dragons, and IMO you are better off with an extra heal spell for the giants, or to drop lighting to kill an air defense outright.

The giants should be dropped so they take out the local air defense, which will allow you to drop your clan healer. Use wall breakers as needed to get the giants going, but make sure defenses have the giants targeted before dropping them as they die very quickly. Watch for mortar splash as well. Once the local air defense is down, drop the clan healer and your healer (if you have them) and let the giants do some work. If your giants are taking damage prior to the air defense going down, use a heal spell. Don’t wait until too many giants are dead to heal, the more units being healed, the more power you get out of the spell. You should always save 5-10 ‘cleanup’ units (archers or goblins) once sections of the base are cleared of defenses. Don’t drop these too early as giants alone won’t have enough time to 3-star a base.

The giant/healer army composition should roughly look like this; 4-6 wall breakers, 5 goblins, 20 archers, 3-4 wizards, maybe a healer, giants. If you find you have trouble killing defenders with just 20 archers, bring more, but keep in mind this will mean fewer giants. Once defenders are down, drop ALL your giants in one spot. Giants work best in critical mass, as they will bust through walls and defense faster. They should never be spread out or dropped at different times.

For an all-dragon attack things are much easier. The dragons will deal with the defenders just fine so you don’t need to lure them out, and your spells are either lightings to kill an air defense outright, or heal/rage to aid the dragons. The only point of caution is making sure the dragons don’t fly around the outside of the base getting picked off by the air defense. This takes some practice initially, but again if you have concerns about a particular base, ask in clan chat. Dragons easily deal enough damage that if you kill the air defense, you will 3 star the base. As with giants, you should be dropping all the dragons quickly, there is really no reason to hold back. If you have the barbarian king hero, drop him to clear up buildings on the outside, either before you drop your dragons or midway through a battle to speed up the cleanup.

Base building:

For clan wars having a solid base is critical, and the focus is different from your normal layout where you are trying to protect resources. Watch replays when people attack you to make improvements, and when in doubt, as in clan chat for help.

You should always try to make luring base defenders difficult by placing the clan castle near the middle. The more troops the attacker has to waste to lure them out, the better. Similarly, placing your air defenses so that it is difficult for dragons to kill them is also huge. This not only means bringing the air defense towards the center, but also trying to place high hit-point buildings (resource storage) along a dragons likely path to slow them down.

When upgrading defenses, priority should be placed on AoE buildings like wizard towers and mortars, followed by air defense. Those are pricey and take a longer amount of time to upgrade, but they are critical. Cannons and archer towers, while nice, should not be prioritized over the above defenses. Also don’t forget to upgrade traps, the added damage might be the difference.

Speaking of traps, they are another critical part of base design for clan wars. Spring traps can stop a giant attack cold, while air bombs can help shut down dragons or take out a healer. Big bombs can mean the difference between a 3 star defeat and someone who only getting 1-2 stars because they run out of time. When designing your base, try to configure the layout to get maximum use out of traps, rather than tossing them in at the end.

Random notes or tips:

Previous post with some general tips/hints.

Don’t worry about defensive troops for clan wars, our higher levels will fill them up. You do far more harm than good if you drop random units into clan defense, so please don’t. If you have high level (5+) wizards or other units, ask in clan chat if you can help us out.

Similarly, don’t fill member requests for war troops if you don’t have high level units. Again you are doing more harm than good.

Watch as many replays as you can, especially of attacks near your level. It’s much better to see a mistake being made in a replay than to do it yourself. Don’t be that guy/girl who gets their giants eaten by a wizard because they failed at a lure, or has their dragons fly all the way around a base because of poor placement.

Our clan war schedule currently is Thursday night and Sunday noonish EST. This means the setup days are Wednesday and Saturday. If you are going to fully miss a war, please let me know in clan chat to stay off the kick list.

End of initial post, more to be added as time goes on.

9/18/2014 – War stats post

9/24/2014 – War stats vs Polska Elita

9/25/2014 – War stats vs Killswitch

10/11/2014 – War stats vs Warlordz

11/9/2014 – War stats vs ZoooWalanD

11/16/2014 – War stats vs Pinoy Realm 2

11/23/2014 – War stats vs Kakakoko Team

11/30/2014 – War stats vs Kaskus Cavalry

Note: If you would like to join the clan, we are “Supreme Cream!”. Anyone who will be active and is willing to learn is welcome, including totally new players. When applying, just mention this blog so I know you are not some random. If you have been kicked, it’s because you simply weren’t active enough (not using your attacks in clan wars over multiple wars).


30 Responses to Clash of Clans Info

  1. Ranez says:

    Good tips. You might want to add a breif description of using barb king to reroute dragons from the edge though, imho its a pretty crucial part of using a dragon army successfully.

  2. Delpez says:

    Another small thing to consider – it’s very difficult making a sensible clan attack without spells. To get 3 stars you usually need to go WAY below your level, which is in effect a wasted attack, since a lower level member could also have 3 starred that base. This means a bit of planning when upgrading your Spell Factory. Up to level 7 you can upgrade it without ever missing a war – just start Sunday after your last attack. I suppose you can also save spells for the war or even gems if you have them. Writing from bitter experience here!

  3. Ranez says:

    t9/10 Holowiwi explanations I was talking about in chat :-

    Make sure you watch some of the hulk files vids, there are also examples of th8 comps in there. Very interesting!

  4. sleepysam says:

    Anyone have thoughts on whether adding balloons to a dragon attack instead of another dragon or other cc troops is a better course for a TH7 in a clan war?

    Looks like 4 balloons would have more dps than a similar dragon, maybe.

    • SynCaine says:

      Last war on my alt, I used 4+1(clan) dragons, rest balloons. Idea was to have the dragons draw agro and tank, the loons to clean up. Loon AI screwed me on my attack, but I think its a solid strat.

      You need max loons at TH7 though, since they gain a ton of HP and damage per level. Low lvl loons are terrible. Also wouldn’t not rule out using clan loons rather than a clan dragon. Heal+rage for spells.

      • sleepysam says:

        Yes – I was only considering this using higher level clan balloons.

        • Ranez says:

          I didnt like training loons at 7 as they seemed too weak, max loons in cc is nice tho. Act as a bit of a clean up if you drop them behind your main drag line/usefull for quickly killing AD

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  6. sleepysam says:

    On the topic of 105 dragoon attack (10 dragons/5 loons in cc), one of the discussion threads I found suggested that for clustered AD, the first spell to drop is a heal between 2 of the AD, after aiming the dragons for the middle of it.

    It’s not a bad watch for attack angles, but the attackers I watched were using lvl3 drakes, which some of us at TH8 don’t have yet.

    Interested in your reactions. I should have upgraded dragons in a couple weeks.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea lvl 3 dragons are very effective, though they can be stopped by a TH8 that has high HP buildings (storage, clan castle) between the AA. The towns in the video didn’t really do that, so the drags were able to get in and hit the critical buildings a bit easier. Notice the final attack fails for basically that reason.

  7. Quinas says:

    Looking to join you guys, but can’t find it in the clan search!

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  9. Anonymous says:

    What does Piony mean

  10. North says:

    Hello Syncaine, would love to join the clan – mature/active uk based long time mmo player, gamed since the days of the ZX Spectrum ! CoC name is “North”, kind regards, N

  11. Bruce says:

    hi, i used a modded apk for checking gameplay and now after deleting it i tried downloading coc and it says that it is not compatible, how can i fix this ? tried all of above ( I played coc on that device before the th11 update) HELP pleaseeee !!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Try updating your software, Bruce

  13. Anonymous says:

    Some people quit when they get to TH10-11+. Why is that so?

    • SynCaine says:

      The game gets significantly more complex (harder) at higher TH levels to successfully 3 star a base. That can bruise egos of people who think they are good, and suddenly find out they aren’t. Rather than put the work in to improve, they quit.

      • Anonymous says:

        Is it also because you have to wait a longer time to find an attack?

        • SynCaine says:

          That only happens at very high trophy levels. My TH11 isn’t super high and I find bases instantly. My main is somewhat high and it can take as long as a few minutes to find a base during clan games (outside of games its much faster).

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is it okay to rush builder hall

  15. cocbasesnet says:

    All of your tips are good and applicable but i want to know how we can attack on the higher level of townhalls like th10 war base 2022 anti dragon to th14 wars bases. Because all of these bases are so tough.

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